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EASY FIELD GUIDE SERIES--all have 32 little pages, paper covers, are fully illustrated.

Adventures in Arizona: an illustrated history. ISBN: 0-9628329-3-6. #AMTR7622 paper$6.95
Easy Field Guide to Invertebrate Fossils of Arizona. ISBN: 0-9335810-57-9. Order #: AMTR7248 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Reptiles and Dinosaurs of Arizona. ISBN: 0-9335810-   Order#:AMTR7249 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Common Mammals of Arizona.  ISBN: 0-9335810-16-1. Order #: AMTR1508 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Common Trees of Arizona. ISBN: 0-9335810-18-8. Order #: AMTR7250 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Triassic, Jurassic, & Cretaceous Reptiles and Dinosaurs of Arizona. ISBN: 0-9335810-63-3. Order #: AMTR7251 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to the Arizona Night Sky. ISBN: 0-935810-78-1. Order #: AMTR3814 $1.99

Easy Field Guide to Common Sea and Shore Birds of California. ISBN: 0-9335810-56-0. Order #: AMTR7252 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Invertebrate Fossils of California. ISBN: 0-9335810-59-5. Order #: AMTR7253 paper$1.99

Easy Field Guide to Common Desert Birds.  ISBN: 0-9335810-13-7. Order #: AMTR7245 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Common Desert Cactus. ISBN: 0-9335810-15-3. Order #: AMTR7246 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Common Desert Insects. ISBN: 0-9335810-14-5. Order #: AMTR7247 paper$1.99

New Mexico:
Easy Field Guide to Common Mammals of New Mexico.  ISBN: 0-9335810-22-6. Order #: AMTR7244 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Common Trees of New Mexico. ISBN: 0-9335810-23-4. Order #: AMTR1986 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to the New Mexico Night Sky. ISBN: 0-935810-79-X. Order #: AMTR3815 $1.99

Easy Field Guide to the Southwestern Night Sky. ISBN: 0-9335810-62-5. Order #: AMTR7254 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Southwestern Petroglyphs ISBN: 0-9335810-60-9. Order #: AMTR1988 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Southwest. ISBN: 0-9335810-58-7. Order #: AMTR7625 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Southwestern Snakes. ISBN: 0-9335810-17-X. Order #: AMTR1987 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Indian Art & Legends of the Southwest. ISBN: 0-9335810-70-6. Order #: AMTR7255 paper$1.99
Easy Field Guide to Amazing Arizona Puzzles and Activities. ISBN:0-935810-80-3. Order #: AMTR3813 $1.99

AMERICAN TRAVELER SERIES--all have 48 pages, with maps and color photos

Arizona Traveler Guidebooks:
Arizona Cactus: a guide to unique varieties. ISBN: 1-55838-092-2. Order #: AMTR7258 paper$6.95--OS until Oct 2012
Arizona Wildflowers: a guide to common varieties. ISBN: 1-55838-109-0. Order #: AMTR7259 paper$6.95
Arizona's Railroads: exploring the state by rail.  ISBN: 1-55838-131-7. Order #: AMTR7260 paper$6.95
Birds of Arizona: a guide to unique varieties. ISBN: 1-55838-093-0. Order #: AMTR7261 paper$6.95
Discover Arizona: the Grand Canyon state. ISBN: 0-914846-52-3. Order #: AMTR7262 paper$6.95
Gems and Minerals of Arizona: a guide to Native Gemstones. ISBN: 1-55838-097-3. Order #: AMTR7263 paper$6.95
Ghost Towns of Arizona: remnants of the mining days. ISBN: 1-55838-095-7. Order #: AMTR7264 paper$6.95
Indians of Arizona: a guide to Arizona's heritage. ISBN: 1-55838-112-0. Order #: AMTR7265  paper$6.95
Parks and Monuments of Arizona: a scenic guide.  ISBN: 1-55838-094-9. Order #: AMTR7266 paper$6.95
Clay Thompson's Valley 101: a slightly skewed guide to living in Arizona. ISBN:1-935810-71-4. Order #: AMTR3804 $14.95
Dining in Arizona: 101 great places to eat. ISBN:  0-935810-72-2. Order #: AMTR3810 $9.95
Explore Arizona! ISBN: 0-914846-24-8. Order #: AMTR3819 $6.95
Fishing Arizona: your guide to Arizona's best fishing! ISBN: 1-885590-92-X. Order #: AMTR3826 $14.95
Fossils of Arizona: Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Fossils of Arizona Symposium. ISBN: 0-935810-61-7. Order #: AMTR3828 $16.95
Hiking Arizona. ISBN:0-914846-54-X. Order #: AMTR3835 $6.95
Hiking the Grand Canyon: the Corridor trails--video. ISBN: 1-55838-193-7. Order #: AMTR3836 video$19.95

California Traveler Guidebooks:
A Guide to California's Historic Sites and Museums. ISBN: 1-55838-134-1. Order #: AMTR7268 paper$6.95
A Guide to Locating California Wildflowers. ISBN: 1-55838-133-3. Order #: AMTR7270 paper$6.95
A Traveler's Guide to California Beaches. ISBN: 1-55838-152-X. Order #: AMTR7271 paper$6.95
Birds of California: a guide to viewing distinctive varieties. ISBN: 1-55838-132-5. Order #: AMTR7272 paper$6.95
California Grassroots Tours: selected short outings ISBN: 1-55838-135-X. Order #: AMTR7573 paper$6.95
California Missions: a guide to the state's Spanish heritage. ISBN: 1-55838-122-8.#AMTR7574 paper$6.95
Earthquake Country: travelling California's fault line. ISBN: 1-55838-120-1. Order #: AMTR7575 paper$6.95
Gems & Minerals of California: a guide to localities. ISBN: 1-55838-118-X. Order #: AMTR7577 paper$6.95
Ghost Towns of California: remnants of the mining days. ISBN: 1-55838-124-4. Order #: AMTR7578 paper$6.95
Overnight in San Francisco: enjoying a short visit. ISBN: 1-55838-147-3. Order #: AMTR7580 paper$6.95
Parks and Monuments of California: a scenic guide. ISBN: 1-55838-119-8. Order #: AMTR7581 paper$6.95
Railroads of California: seeing the state by rail. ISBN: 1-55838-121-X. Order #: AMTR7582 paper$6.95
Whale Watching and Tidepools: a guide to California marine life. ISBN: 1-55838-123-6. Order #: AMTR7583 paper$6.95

Colorado Traveler Guidebooks:

Birds of Colorado: a guide to unique varieties. ISBN: 1-55838-    Order #: AMTR7592 paper$6.95
Colorado Businesses. ISBN: 0-939650-21-5. Order #: AMTR 7627 paper$6.95
Colorado Ghost Towns: remnants of the mining days. ISBN: 1-55838-067-1. Order #: AMTR7256 paper$6.95
Colorado Mountains and Passes: short tours in the Rockies. ISBN: 1-55838-117-1. Order #: AMTR7593 paper$6.95
Colorado's Historic Sites and Museums: intriguing places to visit. ISBN: 1-55838-089-2. Order #: AMTR7595 paper$6.95
Gems & Minerals of Colorado: a guide to Colorado's native gem stones. ISBN: 1-55838-072-8. Order #  AMTR7598 paper$6.95  OS until Nov 2012
Hall of Fame: a gallery of the rich and famous. ISBN: 1-55838-064-7. Order #: AMTR7599 paper$6.95
Railroads of Colorado: a guide to narrow gauge & modern trains. ISBN: 1-55838-088-4. Order #: AMTR7257 paper$6.95
Skiing: a guide to the Colorado high country. ISBN: 1-55838073-6. Order #: AMTR7600 paper$3.95
Day Hikes on the Colorado Trail. ISBN: 1-55838-116-3. Order #: AMTR7596 $6.95
The Denver Mint: from the gold rush to today.  ISBN: 1-55838-160-0. Order #: AMTR7605 paper$6.95

Rocky Mountain Traveler Guidebooks:
A Guide to Locating Rocky Mountain Wildflowers.  ISBN: 1-55838-148-1. Order #: AMTR7601 paper$6.95
A Traveler's Guide to Tracking Dinosaurs in the Western U.S. ISBN: 1-55838-149-X. Order #: AMTR7602 paper$6.95
A Visitor's Guide to the U.S. Air Force Academy. ISBN: 1-55838-154-6.  Order #: AMTR7603 paper$6.95
Buffalo Bill: the man and the museum.  ISBN: 1-55838-076-0. Order #: AMTR7604 paper$6.95

Southwest Traveler Guidebooks:
A Guide to Ancient Cultures of the Southwest. ISBN: 978-1-55838-126-0. Order #: AMTR7653 paper$6.95
A Traveler's Guide to Southwest Indian Arts & Crafts. ISBN: 1-55838-129-5. Order #: AMTR7607 paper$6.95
Lost Mines & Buried Treasure: a guide to sites and legends of the southwest.  ISBN: 1-55838-130-9. Order #: AMTR7608 paper$6.95
Parks and Monuments of New Mexico, Colorado, and UtahISBN: 1-55838-146-5. Order #: AMTR7609 paper$6.95
Snakes and Other Reptiles of the Southwest. ISBN: 0-914846-79-5. Order #: AMTR3852 $9.95  OP


The Bible on the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine and Jacob Waltz: a pioneer history of the gold rush. ISBN: 1-879356-59-7. Order #: AMTR7631 paper$24.95
Adventures in Friendship. ISBN: 1-55838-081-7. Order #: AMTR3800 $14.95
Adventures in Solitude. ISBN:1-55838-111-2. Order #: AMTR3801 $14.95
Adventures in Understanding. ISBN: 1-55838-110-4. Order #: AMTR3803 $14.95
A Country Journal. ISBN: 1-55838-113-9. Order #: AMTR3805 $9.95
A Day of Pleasant Bread: the story of a country Christmas. ISBN: 1-55838-098-1. Order #: AMTR3806 $5.95
Cactus Country: a friendly introduction to the cacti of the Southwest deserts. ISBN: 1-935810-66-8. Order #: AMTR7612 paper$7.95
Days of the West. ISBN: 0-939650-14-2. Order #: AMTR3809 $12.95
Desert Plant Personalities: dry humor on the Caliche. ISBN: 0-9679349-0-7. Order #: AMTR7623 paper$6.95
Desert Survival Handbook: how to prevent and handle emergency situations. ISBN: 1-935810-65-X. Order #: AMTR7611 paper$8.95
Experience Jerome: the moguls, miners, and mistresses of Cleopatra Hill. ISBN: 0-9628329-7-9. Order #: AMTR7621 paper$6.95
Experience Sedona: legends and legacies.  ISBN: 0-9628329-0-1. Order #: AMTR7620 paper$8.95
Eyewitness: the Amelia Earhart incident. ISBN: 0-939650-48-7. Order #: AMTR3825 $12.95
Finding Gold in the Desert: the art of dry washing.  ISBN: 0-935810-53-6. Order #: AMTR7626 paper$5.95
The Friendly Road. ISBN: 1-55838-115-5. Order #: AMTR3829 $14.95
Gambel's Quail print. ISBN: none. Order #: AMTR3830 print$7.95
Grand Canyon Railroad Illustrated Guidebook. ISBN: 0-935810-44-7. Order #: AMTR3710 paper$5.95
Great Possessions. ISBN:1-55838-114-7. Order #: AMTR3833 $14.95
Little Books with Big Hearts: in search of the simple life. ISBN: 1-55838-158-9. Order #: AMTR3838 $5.95
Little Books with Big Hearts: a celebration of small joys. ISBN: 1-55838-159-7. Order #: AMTR3839 $5.95
Little Books with Big Hearts: a gift of friendship. ISBN: 1-55838-156-2. Order #: AMTR3841 $5.95
Little Books with Big Hearts: the gentle art of living slowly. ISBN: 1-55838-157-0. Order #: AMTR3842 $5.95
Near the Greats. ISBN: 0-939650-31-2. Order #: AMTR3843 $12.95
No Time for Fear: voices of American military nurses in World War II. ISBN: 0-87013-416-7. Order #: AMTR3844 $24.95
People of the Troubled Water: a Missouri River journal--paper. ISBN: 1-55838-083-3. Order #: AMTR7616 paper$15.95
People of the Troubled Water: a Missouri River journal--cloth. ISBN: 1-55838-082-5. Order #: AMTR3848 cloth$24.95
People of the Old Missury: years of conflict.  ISBN: 1-55838-105-8. Order #: AMTR7617 paper$29.95
People of the Moonshell: a western river journal.  ISBN: 0-939650-42-8. Order #: AMTR7618 paper$18.95
Ringtail print. ISBN: none. Order #: AMTR3849 print$7.95
Roadrunner print. ISBN: none. Order #: AMTR3851 print$7.95
Senner's Gold: over 1000 pounds of Goldfield ore hidden in the Superstitions. ISBN: 1-879029-02-2. Order #: AMTR7630 $16.95
Screw the GoldenYears: I'd rather live in the past (volume 1). ISBN: 0-9628329-4-4. #AMTR7629 paper$6.95
Screw the GoldenYears: oh the joys of growing old (volume 2). ISBN: 1-891139-00-2. #AMTR7628 paper$6.95
Silly Sajuaros. ISBN:1-935810-67-6. Order #: AMTR7613 paper$2.95  OP
The Valley 101 Bobblehead. ISBN: 0-935810-76-5. Order #: AMTR3853 $14.95
The Valley 101 Great Big Book of Life. ISBN: 0-935810-73-0. Order #: AMTR3854 $14.95
White Eyes, Long Knives, & Renegade Indians: General Crook's Arizona campaigns against the Yavapai and Apache Indians.  ISBN: 0-9628329-8-7.   Order #: AMTR7614 paper$3.95
Witness to the Execution: the odyssey of Amelia Earhart. ISBN: 1-55838-108-2. Order #: AMTR3855
The Yavapai: Sedona's native peopleISBN: 0-9628329-5-2. Order #: AMTR7615 paper$6.95

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