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Southern Cookbook

Southern Cookbook: a collection of unique, old-time recipes gathered from the heart of the South
 ISBN: 978-1-932427-10-3. Order #: ASCR1325 paper$4.95
The Southern Cookbook of Fine Old Recipes

First published in 1965, The Southern Cookbook contains more than 180 classic southern (Old South) recipes, many going back over 150 years.

This is the first in Asher Creek's series of rediscovered classic regional cookbooks. It contains chapters covering an entire meal or party: from beverages, breads, salads and soups, to vegetables, meats, poultry, fish and dozens of old southern deserts. Many of these recipes are quite rare and unusual; all are delicious.

Just a few examples of the 180+ recipes you will discover:


Cafe′ Brulot; Spicy Currant Sparker; Mint Julep; Planter's Punch; Syllabub; Zazarac Cocktail; Claret Cup; Fruit Waters; Spiced Cider; Tom and Jerry


Beaten Biscuits; Cracklin' Bread; Bacon-Nut Corn Sticks; Hush Puppies; Spoon Bread; Baked Hominy; Orange Kuchen; Sally Lunn; Pecan Stickies; Sweet Rolls


Applesause; Lady and Lord Baltimore; Lane; Prunella; Spice; Cocoa Roll; Ice Cream Roll; Orange Hot-Milk; Meringue; Jelly Roll; Fruitcake; Jam Cake

Candies and Cookies:

Nut Brittle; Pralines; Chocolate Nut Drops; Gingersnaps; Macaroons; Chocolate Caramels; Raisin Sour Cream Cookies; Short'nin' Bread


Ambrosia; Apple Pandowdy; Beignets; Crepes Suzette; Apple Dumplings; Fritters; Rice Conde′; Plum Pudding; Trifle; Spanish Cream; Sherry Elegance; Nesselrode Pudding

Meats, Poultry, Sea Food:

Crayfish; Frog Legs; Oyster Bisque and Gumbo; Kentucky Burgoo; Yorkshire Pudding; Liver a la Madame Begue; Country-Style Sweetbreads; Creole Tripe; Jellied Veal; Pompano en Papillote; Chicken Enchantee; Chicken & Oyster Gumbo; Roast Goose; Shad and Shad Roe; Stewed Chicken and Drop Dumplings


Chess; Cranberry Lattice; Key Lime Chiffon; Mango; Osgood; Pecan; Pineapple; Peaches ´┐Żn Cream; Squash; Coconut Custard; Strawberry Glace′; Pecan-Topped Pumpkin

Salads and Dressings:

Chicken; Cola Salad; Blue Ribbon Potato; Fruity Frozen; Shrimp


Turtle; Cream of Peanut; Crab; Creole a la Madame Begue; Plantation Soup; Okra


Candied Carrots; Fresh Corn Epicurean; Hopping John; Rice Croquettes; Candied Yams ; Turnip Greens and Pot Likker; Mallow Sweet Potato Bake; Corn-Gold Fritters; Tomatoes Hollandaise; Fresh Corn Pudding; Wild Rice & Mushrooms

68 pages.

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