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Folks,Sandy Hook

After 47 (and more) years of writing, publishing, and distributing books about nature, national parks, the outdoors, and Americana, time has come to downsize so we’ll be trim and fit at 50. At last count, we have sold 334,800 copies of the books we publish--with reprints of many, uncounted numbers of titles we distributed for other publishers, and some 900,000 copies of books we wrote for others, plus some magazine articles.

We look for your help to downsize. And to get it, we’ll help you help us—with clearance offers giving prices lower than ever. And for books that are already bargains, almost all having had no price increase for over a decade. Depending on quantities ordered, discounts range up to 70% postpaid, or even as little as just a few dimes net for ordering all of an inventory. (We will keep some of our titles alive with future reprintings, but none of those in this sale, so if you do take all of an inventory you will have an exclusive on their sales.

The offers are good for all—stores, wholesalers, schools, libraries, individuals, non-profits. Even clubs and associations could consider these deals to entice members or provide incentives for raising funds. Any of these can also be resold at whatever price you choose, not what we list as the retail price.

Look at the specials below for titles we publish. Many of the prior printing of these sold out; some for multiple reprints. You can see descriptions and illustrations of these by clicking the links. When you find a title you can use, take the discounts shown for the quantity you want--more discount the more you help us size downwards--and order at least 10 books (you can mix titles) and then note “DOWNSIZE” on your order or mark your selections on the back of this page and return by mail or email or call us. If you need a better deal than we show, tell us what you need to give us a hand as we move toward our leaner future.

In addition to our own titles, VistaBooks has in the past catalogued well over ten thousand titles from other publishers within our subject areas and we still stock on many. You can see these on our VistaBooks Outlet website ( where all are at least 50% off and some a lot more. A number of these are now out of print and not readily available elsewhere.

Thanks for looking to see whether you can help us trim up. The Wild Sheep by John Muir

Bill Jones

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ORDER FORM FOR VISTABOOKS PUBLICATONS OFFERED AT “DOWNSIZE” PRICING—single or mixed titles; suggested retail prices shown; you can set your own price.  Discounts may not match those shown elsewhere. Prices are final when you order; may change. For descriptions see
10-29 copies: 50% + postage    30-49 copies: 60% + postage    50-99 copies: 60% postpaid    100  up copies: 70% postpaid
For All of Inventory net price per book is shown--add postage, or make an offer;
quantities may change.

Click on underlined links for title descriptions. Free sample available on request to existing acconts, resellers; inquire for others.
Enter quantities you want in the blanks below: (Retailers: please include your sales tax resale number net per copy).
_____19th Century Whaling Tales ISBN: 978-0-89646-089-8. Order #: VIST0089 paper$4.95 (All Inventory = 1404 ; $1.00 net per copy)
_____Across Arizona in 1883... ISBN: 978-0-89646-011-9.  Order #: VIST0011 paper$3.95 (All Inventory =118; $1.00 net per copy)
_____Ascent of Mount Hayden Order #: VIST0066 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,309; $0.50 net per copy)The Hummingbird of the California Waterfalls
_____The Buffalo Order #: VIST0028 paper$4.95 (All Inventory = 725; $0.75 net per copy)
_____Buffalo Bill’s True Tales  Order #: VIST0098 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 4,267; $0.80 net per copy)
_____C.P.R.R.—the Central Pacific Railroad Order #: VIST0097 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 2,510; $1.30 net per copy)
_____Canons of the Colorado Order #: VIST0059 paper$4.95 (All Inventory = 2,045; $0.80 net per copy)
_____Contributions of a Venerable Native to Ancient History of the Hawaiian Islands Order #: VIST0056 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 110; $0.50 net per copy)
 _____Cripple Creek, 1900 Order #: VIST0001 paper$3.95 (All Inventory =1,948; $0.45 net per copy)
_____Cutter’s Official Guide to the Hot Springs of Arkansas Order #: VIST0057 paper$6.95 (All Inventory =2,451; $1.00 net per copy)
_____Discovery of Glacier Bay Order #: VIST0045 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 2,201; $0.50 net per copy)
_____Discovery of the Yosemite Order #: VIST0021 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 1,650; $1.00 net per copy)
_____Evidence and the Custer Enigma Order #: VIST0058 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 403; $1.50 net per copy)Silver San Juan
_____Famous Gunfighters of the Western Frontier Order #: VIST0087 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 1,181; $1.50 net per copy)
_____Hawaii-Nei Order #: VIST0030 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,374; ($0.50 net per copy)
_____Hummingbird of the California Waterfalls Order #: VIST0019 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,087; $0.50 net per copy)
_____Hydraulic Gold Mining in California Order #: VIST0052 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 855; $0.65 net per copy)
_____In the Heart of the California Alps Order #: VIST0026 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 4,331; $(0.35 net per copy)
_____Lake of the Sky: Lake Tahoe Order #: VIST0038 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 1,382; $1.00 net per copy)
_____Life & Wonderful Adventures of Wild Bill Order #: VIST0013 paper$4.95 (All Inventory = 1,546; $0.70 net per copy)
_____Lighthouses of the United States Order #: VIST0086 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 1,347; $0.90 net per copy)
_____Mammoth Trees of Calaveras Order #: VIST0050 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 2,101; $0.40 net per copy)
_____Mark Twain in Hawaii Order #: VIST0070 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 2,072; (0.90 net per copy)
_____Mark Twain’s Virginia City, N.T. Order #: VIST0074 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 871; $0.80 net per copy)
_____Miner’s Sunday Order #: VIST0005 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,527; $0.35 net per copy)
_____Montauk Point, Long Island Order #: VIST0082 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 423; $1.00 net per copy)
_____Mount Desert, 1872 Order #: VIST0029 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 755; $0.65 net per copy)
_____Mountaineering in the Kings River Country Order #: VIST0042 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 618; $1.00 net per copy)
_____Mountaineering on the Pacific Order #: VIST0014 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 612; $0.25 net per copy)Cripple Creek 1900
_____Murder of Julia Bulette Order #: VIST0044 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 635; $0.75 net per copy)
_____Oh, Ranger! A book about the national parks Order #: VIST0068 paper$7.95 (All Inventory = 1,618; $0.90 net per copy)
_____Our Yosemite National Park Order #: VIST0061 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 852; $1.00 net per copy)
_____Pioneer Days in San Francisco Order #: VIST0015 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,316; $0.45 net per copy)
_____Proposed Yosemite National Park Order #: VIST0003 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,813; $0.45 net per copy)
_____Rival of the Yosemite Order #: VIST0010 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,100; $0.50 net per copy)
_____Rock Art of the American Indian Order #: VIST0084 paper$16.95 (All Inventory = 1,056; $3.00 net per copy)
_____Saint Louis in 1884 Order #: VIST0024 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,101; $0.40 net per copy)
_____Sandy Hook—in 1879 Order #: VIST0047 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,042; $0.45 net per copy)
_____Signals of the Sea & Heroes of the Surf Order #: VIST0088 paper$4.95 (All Inventory = 567; $0.90 net per copy)
_____Silver San Juan Order #: VIST0025 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,425; $0.25 net per copy)
_____Southern Ute Indians of Early Colorado Order #: VIST0067 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 2,645; $0.45 net per copy)
_____United States Life-Saving Service VIST0071 paper$6.95 (All Inventory = 604; $1.00 net per copy)
_____Wild Sheep Order #: VIST0017 paper$3.95 (All Inventory = 1,356; $0.40 net per copy)
_____Yosemite in Winter. ISBN: 978-0-89646-053-9. Order #: VIST0053 paper$3.95  (All Inventory = 2,392; $0.25 net per copy)

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