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Filter Press: Native Americans

Kokopelli: Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers. ISBN: 978-0-86541-110-4. Order #: FILT7123 paper$6.95
Kokopelli: drum in belly (paper). ISBN: 0-86541-069-0. Order #: FILT4217 paper$12.95
Little Fox's Secret: the mystery of Bent's Fort. ISBN: 0-86541-050-X. Order #: FILT4221 paper$5.95
Meadow Lark. ISBN: 0-86541-076-3. Order #: FILT4218 paper$8.95
My Adventures in Zuni. ISBN: 0-86541-045-3. Order #: FILT0458 paper$8.95
Navajo Weavers and Navajo Silversmiths. ISBN: 978-0-910584-07-4. Order #: FILT0470 paper$4.00
Pueblo Crafts. ISBN: 978-0-910584-51-7. Order #: FILT4260 paper$12.00
Soaring Eagle. ISBN: 0-86541-281-3. Order #: FILT4220 paper$8.95
Tobacco, Peacepipes, and Indians. ISBN: 0-86541-047-X. Order #: FILT0491 paper$4.95

Filter Press: Western Americana

Bent's Fort: crossroads of cultures on the Santa Fe Trail. ISBN: 978-0-86541-062-6. Order #: FILT5882 paper$12.95
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County. ISBN: 978-0-910584-02-9. Order #: FILT3818 paper$5.50
Cripple Creek Conflagrations. ISBN: 978-0-86541-028-2. Order #: FILT5880 paper$4.00
Frontier Types and in Cowboy Land. ISBN: 978-0-86541-041-0. Order #: FILT5543 paper$4.95
Helen Hunt Jackson: Selected Colorado Writings. ISBN: 0-86541-040-2. Order #: FILT5883 paper$12.95
My Adventures in Zuni. ISBN: 0-86541-045-3. Order #: FILT0458 paper$8.95
Prunes and Rupe. ISBN: 978-0-86541-086-2. Order #: FILT4259 $16.00
Soaring Eagle. ISBN: 978-0-86541-096-1. Order #: FILT4220 paper$8.95
White Grizzly. ISBN:  978-0-86541-058-9. Order #: FILT8542 paper$8.95

Class Acts: success stories from Emily Griffith's Opportunity School. ISBN: 98-0-86541-079-4. Order #: FILT8570 paper$12.95
Dottie Lamm: a friend to families. ISBN: 978-0-86541-085-5. Order #: FILT5886 $8.95
First Governor, First Lady: John and Eliza Routt of Colorado. ISBN:  978-0-86541-063-3. Order #: FILT4222 paper$7.50
Emily Griffith: opportunities teacher. ISBN:  978-0-86541-077-0. Order #: FILT5890 $8.95
Enos Mills: Rocky Mountain naturalist. ISBN: 978-0-86541-072-5. Order #: FILT5264 $8.95
John Wesley Powell: soldier explorer scientist. ISBN: 978-0-86541-080-0. Order #: FILT4785 $8.95
Jose Dario Gallegos: merchant  of the Santa Fe Trail. ISBN: 978-0-86541-084-8. Order #: FILT4787 $8.95
Justina Ford: medical pioneer. ISBN: 978-0-86541-074-9. Order #: FILT4701 $8.95
Martha Maxwell: natural history pioneer. ISBN: 978-0-86541-075-6. Order #: FILT4256 paper$8.95
Touching Tomorrow: the Emily Griffith story. ISBN: 978-0-86541-078-7. Order #: FILT8569 paper$12.95
Unsinkable: the Molly Brown Story. ISBN: 978-0-86541-0817. Order #: FILT4786 paper$8.95

Filter Press: Out-of-print  titles--50% off on these when mixed with 10 or more VistaBooks titles

1601 or A Fireside Conversation in ye time of Queen Elizabeth. ISBN: 0-86541-025-9. Order #: FILT3265 paper$3.95
Among the Apaches. ISBN: 0-910584-35-4. Order #: FILT4574 paper$4.00
Blonde Chicana Bride's Mexican Cookbook. ISBN:0-910584-96-6. Order #: FILT0457 paper$4.95
Coyote and the Fish. ISBN: 0-86541-029-1. Order #: FILT0210 paper$4.00
Field Mouse Goes to War. ISBN: 978-0-86541-046-6. Order #: FILT5265 paper$10.95
Fox Grapes. ISBN: 0-910584-45-1. Order #: FILT0456 paper$3.95
Frontier Types in Cowboy Land. ISBN:0-86541-041-1. Order #: FILT5543 paper$5.95
Gus's Cabin Kitchen. ISBN: 978-0-86541-038-1. Order #: FILT7658 paper$15.95
Kokopelli: Casanova of the cliff dweller. ISBN:0-86541-026-7. (prior edition) Order #: FILT7122 paper$4.95
The Life of Pat F. Garrett and the taming of the border outlaw. ISBN: 0-910584-18-4. Order #: FILT0485 paper$3.95
The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Sketches, including Outcasts of Poker Flat and Tennessee's Partner. ISBN: 0-910584-77-X. Order #: FILT0476 paper$3.95
The Military Bachelor Chef: a guide for getting started in the kitchen. ISBN: 0-910584-40-0. Order #: FILT0459 paper$5.00
Navajo Native Dyes. ISBN: 978-086541-071-8. Order #: FILT0490 paper$5.00
The Papago and Pima Indians of Arizona. ISBN: 0-86541-059-3. Order #: FILT0487 paper$10.95

Powell's Canyon Voyage. ISBN: 978-0-910584-12-8. Order #: FILT0461 paper$4.00
Southwestern Indian Recipe Book. ISBN: 978-0-86541-042-9. Order #: FILT0658 paper$5.95
The Walls Talk: historic house museums of Colorado. ISBN: 978-0-8654-095-4. Order #: FILT8563 paper$16.95
The West on Wood: a book of 19th century pictures. ISBN: 0-86541-015-1. Order #: FILT4662 paper$3.95
Yukon Poems of Robert Service: familiar and timeless poems of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. ISBN: 0-86541-040-2. Order #: FILT2164 paper$4.95

2016 Filter Press catalog Tabor: Enterprising Pioneer
Price: $8.95
Diane C. Major
Pioneer businesswoman; first wife of Silver King Horace Tabor.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-172-2 Doe Tabor: Matchless Silver Queen
Price: $9.95 FILT8576
Joyce B. Lohse
Married to Silver King Horace Tabor after very public and notorious affair.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-107-4

Barney Ford: Pioneer Businessman
Price: $8.95 FILT
Jamie Trumbull
Successful African American businessman in nineteenth century Colorado.
ISBN:978-086541-115-9 Lindsey: Father of the Juvenile Courts
Price: $8.95
Gretchen Allgeier
Established the juvenile court system in Colorado and a model for he United States.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-173-9 Hosokawa: Journalist
Price: $8.95
Steve Walsh
Denver newspaperman interned with Japanese-Americans during World War II.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-158-6 Sakata: American Farmer
Price: $8.95 FILT8572
Daniel Blegen
Successful farmer near Brighton, CO. Interned with Japanese Americans during WWII.
ISBN: 978-086541-093-0 Boettcher: Colorado Businessman
Price: $8.95
Grace Zirkelbach
German immigrant who became a wealthy businessman and philanthropist.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-118-0
Chief Ouray: Ute Chief and Man of Peace
Price: $8.95
Steve Walsh
Ute leader who negotiated peaceful treaties with U.S.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-121-0
Chin Lin Sou: Chinese-American Leader
Price: $8.95
Janet L. Taggart
Successful businessman and leader of the Chinese community in Denver and Colorado.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-155-5
Chipeta: Ute Peacemaker
Price: $8.95
Cynthia S. Becker
Ute peacemaker and wife of Chief Ouray.
ISBN: 978-086541-091-6 FILT8573
Clara Brown: African-American Pioneer
Price: $8.95
Suzanne Frachetti
Community leader and philanthropist who came west by wagon train in 1859.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-124-1
Class Acts
Price: $12.95 FILT8570
Carolyn Brink
Success stories from Emily Griffith Opportunity School
ISBN: 978-0-86541-079-4
Colorado's Landmark Hotels
Price: $16.95 FILT
Linda R. Wommack
History of the thirty Colorado hotels with landmark status and operating today.
ISBN: 978-086541-129-6
Cripple Creek Conflagrations
Price: $4.00 FILT5880
By Lester L. Williams
Account of the two great fires of 1896 that burned the gold mining town of Cripple Creek, Colorado.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-028-2
Doc Susie: Mountain Doctor
Price: $8.95 FILT7687
Penny Cunningham
Rural physician in Western Colorado for more than forty years.
ISBN: 978-086541-113-5
Dottie Lamm: A Friend to Families
Price: $8.95 FILT5886
Emily B. Warner
Former first lady of Colorado and social activist.
ISBN: 978-086541-085-5
Edward Wynkoop: Soldier and Indian Agent
Price: $8.95
Nancy Oswald
Spoke out against the Sand Creek Massacre and led the investigation into the atrocity.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-184-5
Elbridge Gerry: The Paul Revere of Colorado
Price: $8.95
Jennifer L. Buck
Fur trader and mountain man who warned Denver settlers of impending attack.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-156-2
Emily Griffith: Opportunity for All
Price: $8.95
Emily C. Post
Educator and founder of Denver's Opportunity School.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-157-9
Emily Griffith: Opportunity's Teacher
Price: $8.95 FILT5890
Joyce B. Lohse
Educator and founder of Denver's Emily Griffith Opportunity School.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-077-0
Enos Mills: Rocky Mountain Conservationist
Price: $8.95
Steve Walsh
Conservationist and Father of Rocky Mountain National Park
ISBN: 978-0-86541-122-7
Enos Mills: Rocky Mountain Naturalist
Price: $8.95 FILT5264
John Stansfield
The father of Rocky Mountain National Park.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-072-5
Fannie Mae Duncan: Entrepreneur
Price: $8.95
Angela Dire
Owner of the successful 'Cotten Club' night spot in Colorado Springs.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-159-3
Felipe and Dolores Baca: Hispanic Pioneers
Price: $8.95
E. E. Duncan
Pioneer couple who settled in Trinidad on the Santa Fe Trail.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-171-5
First Governor, First Lady: John and Eliza Routt of Colorado
Price: $7.50 FILT 4222
Joyce B. Lohse
Dual biography of Colorado's first governor and wife.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-063-3
Florence Sabin: Scientist and Teacher
Price: $8.95
Stacey Simmons
Medical scientist, teacher, and public health advocate in Colorado.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-179-1
Florence Sabin: Teacher, Scientist, Humanitarian
Price: $8.95
E. E. Duncan
Scientist and college professor who led an overhaul of Colorado public health laws.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-139-5
Frances Wisebart Jacobs: Denver's Mother of Charities
Price: $8.95
Martha Biery
Founded Denver's National Jewish Hospital and started The United Way.
ISBN: 978-086541-154-8
Frank Craig: Medical Visionary
Price: $8.95
Herb Tabak
Established Denver tent colony in 1907 to help indigent victims of tuberculosis.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-127-2
Frontier Types and In Cowboy-Land
Price: $4.95 FILT5543
Theodore Roosevelt
Roosevelt's own account of his time as a ranch hand in 1890s Dakota Territory. Illustrated by Frederic Remington.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-041-1
General William Palmer: Railroad Pioneer
Price: $8.95 FILT8571
Joyce B. Lohse
Civil War hero; founder of Denver and Rio Grande Railroad; founder of Colorado Springs.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-092-3
Ghost Over Boulder Creek
Price: $8.95 FILT8568
Elaine Pease
Half-white Cheyenne boy sets out to find his white father in Boulder.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-105-0
Hard Face Moon
Price: $10.95 FILT
Nancy Oswald
A thirteen year old Cheyenne boy is witness to the horrific Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-089-3
Hazel Schmoll: Colorado Botanist
Price: $8.95
Penny Cunningham
Colorado state botanist who identifed more than 10,000 plants.
ISBN: 978-086541-175-3
Helen Hunt Jackson : Colorado's Literary Lady
Price: $8.95 FILT5883
E. E. Duncan
Novelist, poet, historian - one of the best known authors of her time.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-112-8
Helen Hunt Jackson: Selected Colorado Writings
Price: $12.95
Mark L. West, editor
Selections published by Helen Hunt Jackson while she lived in Colorado. 160 pages, illustrated.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-064-0
High Country Poems of Inez Hunt
Price: $10.95 FILT9211
By Inez Hunt
Poems from the Rocky Mountain high country.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-083-1
Infinite Possibilities: A Haiku Journal
Price: $12.95 FILT8541
Laurie Wagner Buyer
Personal Journal with 365 haiku poems by award-winning poet and author.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-097-8
John Denver: Man for the World
Price: $8.95 FILT8575
John Stansfield
Popular singer, songwriter, and humanitarian.
ISBN: 978-086541-088-6
John Dyer: Snowshoe Preacher
Price: $8.95
Jane A. Eaton
Circuit riding preacher and missionary in the Colorado mountains.
John Routt: Colorado's First Governor
Price: $8.95
Rhonda Rau
Last territorial governor and first governor of the state of Colorado.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-177-7
John Wesley Powell: American Hero
Price: $8.95
Suzanne Curtis
Explorer and scientist who led the first exploration of the Grand Canyon.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-178-4
John Wesley Powell: Soldier, Explorer, Scientist
Price: $8.95 FILT4785
Jean Thor Cook
Led the first exploration of the Grand Canyon.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-080-0
Jose Dario Gallegos: Merchant of the Santa Fe Trail
Price: $8.95 FILT4787
Emerita Romero-Anderson
Established the first store in the oldest town in Colorado: San Luis.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-084-8
Josephine Aspinwall Roche: Humanitarian
Price: $8.95
Martha Biery
Humanitarian, industrialist, activist, and political leader.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-119-7
Justina Ford: Baby Doctor
Price: $8.95
K. A. Anadiotis
First African-American woman to practice medicine in Colorado.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-160-9


Justina Ford: Medical Pioneer
Price: $8.95
Joyce B. Lohse
The first African-American woman to practice medicine in Colorado.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-074-9

Kate Slaughterback: Legendary Rattlesnake Kate
Price: $8.95
Lindsay McNatt
Homesteader who experienced the difficult farming life on the Colorado plains.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-181-4

Katharine Lee Bates: Author of “America the Beautiful”
Price: $8.95
Monique Cooper-Sload
Inspired by a visit to Pikes Peak, she wrote one of America's most famous poems.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-153-1

Kokopelli: Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers
Price: $6.95 FILT 7123
John V. Young
The story of the hunchback flute player throughout history.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-110-4

Kokopelli—Drum in Belly (paperback edition)
Price: $12.95 FILT 4217
Gail E. Haley
Beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched reinterpretation of Kokopelli story. Paperback edition
ISBN: 978-0-86541-069-5

Legends Lost
Price: $24.95
Charlie Mac
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid return from South America.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-126-5

Little Fox's Secret
Price: $5.95  FILT4224
Mary Peace Finley
Eleven-year-old Little Fox witnesses destruction of Bent's Fort. Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-86541-050-3

Little Raven: Chief of the Southern Arapaho
Price: $8.95 FILT
Cat DeRose
Warrior, orator, diplomat—leader of Arapaho people during U.S. western expansion.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-114-2

Martha Maxwell: Natural History Pioneer
Price: $8.95 FILT4256
James McVey
Naturalist, innovative taxidermist, museum builder.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-075-6

Mary Elitch Long: First Lady of Fun
Price: $8.95 FILT8574
Debra B. Faulkner
Business woman and founder of Elitch Gardens zoo and amusement park.
ISBN: 978-086541-094-7

Meadow Lark
Price: $8.95 FILT 4218
Mary Peace Finley
Third book in Santa Fe Trail Trilogy relates adventures of Teresita Montoya.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-076-3

My Adventures in Zuni
Price: $8.95 FILT 0458
Frank H. Cushing
Cushing's account of his life in Zuni; first published in 1883-1884.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-045-9

Navajo Weavers and Silversmiths
Price: $4.00 FILT0470
Washington Matthews
Two Bureau of Ethnology reports describing the crafts in detail.
ISBN: 978-0-910584-07-4

Nothing Here but Stones
Price: $8.95
Nancy Oswald
Story of a Russian Jewish colony that settled in Cotopaxi, Colorado, in 1882.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-150-0

Otto Mears: Pathfinder of the San Juan Mountains
Price: $8.95
Grace Zirkelbach
Russian immigrant builder of roads and rails to open Southwest Colorado to mining and tourism.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-174-6

Prunes and Rupe
Price: $16.00 FILT4259

Lydia Griffin
Tale of friendship between Rocky Mountain prospector Rupert Sherwood and his burro Prunes.
32 pages, illustrated by Judith Hunt.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-086-2

Pueblo Crafts
Price: $12.00 FILT 4260
Ruth M. Underhill
Survey of crafts among Pueblo cultures by noted anthropologist.
ISBN: 978-0-910584-51-7

Ralph Carr: Defender of Japanese Americans
Price: $8.95
E. E. Duncan
Colorado Governor during World War II
ISBN: 978-0-86541-116-6

Rescue in Poverty Gulch
Price: $8.95
Nancy Oswald
Ruby and Maude have adventures in Cripple Creek in 1896.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-109-8

Richard Russell: City Leader
Price: $8.95
Christine Winn
Physician and civic leader who helped establish the city of Arvada, Colorado.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-180-7

Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales: Chicano Activist
Price: $8.95
Jorge-Ayn Riley
Poet, political activist, and advocate for social and economic justice.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-182-1

Robert Speer: Denver's Building Mayor
Price: $8.95
Stacy Turnbull
Mayor of Denver during time of civic improvements and growth.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-120-3

Safe at Last: True Stories of Horse Rescues
Price: $12.95
Elaine Pease
Six success stories from Colorado horse rescues for young readers.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-187-6

Santa Fe Trail Trilogy
Price: $21.45
Mary Peace Finley
Young Adult Classics of the American West.
Three award-winning historical novels.

Soaring Eagle
Price: $8.95 FILT4220
Mary Peace Finley
First novel in Santa Fe Trail Trilogy introduces Julio Montoya and 1845 adventures.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-096-1

South Park Perils: Short Ropes and True Tales
Price: $11.25
Christie Wright
A look at the violent past of Colorado's historic South Park area.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-152-4

Spencer Penrose: Builder and Benefactor
Price: $12.95
Joyce B. Lohse
Businessman and civic leader in Pikes Peak region.
ISBN: 9778-0-86541-190-6

STRIKE! Mother Jones and the Colorado Coal Field War
Price: $10.95
Lois Ruby
Story of union activist and labor strife leading to Ludlow Massacre of 1914

Susan Anderson: Colorado's Doc Susie
Price: $8.95 FILT8577
Lydia Griffin
Physician in rural Grand County for more than forty years beginning in 1909.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-108-1

The Capitol Ghost Mystery
Price: $9.95
Michelle M. Barone
Mystery set in Denver with young detectives, ghosts, and a solid dose of Colorado history.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-188-3

The Glorious Quest of Chief Washakie
Price: $4.50
Ralph H. and Mary Tillman
Biography of Washakie, chief of the Shoshone for more than 60 years.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-043-5

The Midnight Ride of Blackwell Station
Price: $8.95 FILT8564
Mary Peace Finley
An "almost" true story of a purloined railroad station
and the founding of Lamar, Colorado, in 1886.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-106-7

The Midnight Ride of Blackwell Station (Audio)
Price: $6.95
Mary Peace Finley
Unabridged audio edition. A railroad station is moved at midnight. Historical fiction at its funniest.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-111-1

The Papago (Tohono O'odham) and Pima Indians of Arizona
Ruth M. Underhill
Noted anthropologist describes everyday life, religion, arts, and government.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-059-6

The Walls Talk: Historic House Museums of Colorado
Price: $16.95
Patricia Werner
Guide to thirty-seven historic Colorado homes open to the public.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-095-4

Tobacco, Peacepipes, and Indians
Price: $4.95 FILT0491
Louis Seig
Examines the many uses of tobacco among North American native peoples.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-047-3

Touching Tomorrow: The Emily Griffith Story
Price: $12.95 FILT8569
Debra Faulkner
Biography of Emily Griffith, educator, reformer, and social activist. Paperback. 150 pages, illustrated.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-078-7

Trouble on the Tracks
Price: $8.95
Nancy Oswald
More Ruby and Maude adventures in Cripple Creek. Sequel to Rescue in Poverty Gulch.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-185-2

Unsinkable: The Molly Brown Story
Price: $8.95 FILT4786
Joyce B. Lohse
Heroine of the Titanic disaster and philanthropist.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-081-7

White Grizzly
Price: $8.95 FILT8542
Mary Peace Finley
Coming-of-age adventure novel and second book in Santa Fe Trail Trilogy.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-058-9

William Bent: Frontiersman
Price: $8.95
Cheryl Beckwith
Trapper and businessman. Operated Bent's Fort on Santa Fe Trail
ISBN: 978-0-86541-117-3

Zebulon Montgomery Pike: Explorer and Military Officer
Price: $8.95
Steve Walsh
Military leader who explored Colorado, and New Mexico after the Louisiana Purchase.
ISBN: 978-0-86541-123-4


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