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 Heyday Books--"Into California"

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Heyday Books by alpha:

2020: Visions for the Central Valley. ISBN: 978-1-59714-133-8. Order #: HEYD8670 paper$12.95
The Addison Street Anthology: Berkeley's Poetry Walk. ISBN: 978-1-890771-94-2. Order #: HEYD8671 paper$14.95
Adopted by Indians: A True Story.
Thomas Jefferson Mayfield, edited by Malcolm Margolin. The children's version of  Indian Summer, this book gives younger readers a close-up view of traditional California Indian life and early California. ISBN: 0-930588-93-2. Order #: HEYD2986 paper$10.95
All of us or none: social justice posters of the San Francisco Bay Area. ISBN: 978-1-59714-075-1. Order #: HEYD8672 paper$25.00

All the Saints of the City of the Angels: seeking the soul of L. A. on its streets. ISBN: 978-1-59714-075-1. Order #: HEYD8673 paper$35.00
Allensworth: the freedom colony. ISBN: 978-1-59714-341-7. Order #: HEYD paper$20.00
The Anza Trail and the Settling of California.
Vladimir Guerrero. 240 pp (6 x 9), with maps. The epic true story of the journey to colonize San Francisco. ISBN: 1-59714-026-0. Order #: HEYD2904 paper$16.95
The Architecture of Ratcliff. ISBN: 978-1-59714-042-3. Order #: HEYD8674 cloth$39.95
Archy Lee: a California fugitive slave case. ISBN: 978-1-59714-080-5. Order #: HEYD8675 paper$12.95
At Work: the art of California labor. ISBN: 978-1-890771-67-6. Order #: HEYD8676 paper$35.00
The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens. ISBN: 978-1-59714-016-4. Order #: HEYD8677 paper$21.95

Backyard Birds of the Inland Empire. ISBN: 978-1-59714-132-1. Order #: HEYD8259 paper$14.95
Bad Indians: a tribal memoir. ISBN: 978-1-59714-201-4. Order #: HEYD8678 paper$ NYP--Jan 2013
Bear in Mind: the California grizzly.
Edited by Susan Snyder. "There have always been bear stories, as long as there have been campfires and shadows in the night, and as long as humans have shared the earth with their fellow predators…" ISBN: 978-1-890771-70-6. Order #: HEYD2920 cloth$49.50
Beyond Words: 200 years of illustrated diaries.
ISBN: 978-1-59714-164-2. Order #: HEYD8679 cloth$45.00
Birds of Napa County. Hermann Heinzel. 104 pages (4.25 x 9). A birds-eye view of wine country. ISBN: 978-1-59714-030-0. Order #: HEYD2928 paper$12.95
Bitter Melon: inside America's last rural Chinese town. ISBN: 978-0-930588-58-8. Order #: HEYD8680 paper$21.95
Black California: a literary anthology--150 years of the California African experience. ISBN: 978-1-59714-146-8. Order #: HEYD8681 paper$24.95
Blithe Tomato: an insider's look at farmer's market society. ISBN: 978-1-59714-024-9. Order #: HEYD8682 paper$15.00
Blood Strangers: a memoir. A powerful and nuanced tale about the search for family. ISBN: 978-1-59714-130-7. Order #: HEYD8683 paper$16.95
Bloodvine: a novel. Riveting family drama plays out in the San Joaquin Valley. ISBN: 978-1-890774-98-0. Order #: HEYD8684
Blue Jay Girl. a tale from California Indian country about embracing your true nature. Hardcover, 6.25 x 8.75, 48 pages ISBN: 978-1-59714-127-7. Order #: HEYD8685 cloth$12.95
Bracing for Disaster: earthquake-resistant architecture and engineering in San Francisco, 1838—1933. ISBN: 978-1-59714-025-6. Order #: HEYD8260 paper$30.00
Bret Harte's Gold Rush: "Outcasts of Poker Flat," "The Luck of Roaring Camp," "Tennessee's Partner," and Other Favorites. Bret Harte. Fifteen classic tales bring the Gold Rush to life.
ISBN: 0-930588-88-6.
Order #: HEYD2978 paper$13.95

Califauna: a literary field guide. Edited by Terry Beers and Emily Elrod. 328 pages (6 x 9), with 16 pages of color images and a timeline. A lively collection in words and images of our fellow creatures. ISBN: 978-1-59714-049-2. Order #: HEYD2895 paper$21.95
California, the Magic Island. ISBN: 978-1-59714-32-5. Order #: HEYD paper$17.00
Califlora: a literary field guide. ISBN: 978-1-59714-161-1. Order #: HEYD8262 paper$18.95
A California Bestiary: California's own book of magical beasts. ISBN: 978-1-59714-125-3. Order #/: HEYD8261 cloth$12.95
California glaciers. ISBN: 978-1-59714-174-1. Order #: HEYD8263 cloth$NYP-Sept 2012.
California Poetry: from the Gold Rush to the present.
edited by Dana Gioia, Chryss Yost, and Jack Hicks. An authoritative yet accessible collection that brings together 150 years of California poetry in one volume: a comprehensive historical anthology of the state’s poetry from the gold rush era to the present that offers the finest poetry by California authors of all schools and ideas. ISBN: 1-890771-72-4. Order #: HEYD2899 paper$21.95
California: a study of American Character. ISBN: 978-1-890771-52-2. Order #: HEYD8686 paper$21.95
A Californian's Guide to the Trees among Us. ISBN: 978-1-59714-147-5. Order #: HEYD8264 paper$18.95
Chain Letter. ISBN: 978-1-59714-11-9. Order #: HEYD8687 paper$14.95
Changing Course: windcall and the art of renewal. ISBN: 978-1-59714-071-3. Order #: HEYD8691 paper$18.95
Chief Marin: Leader, Rebel, and Legend. Betty Goerke. A history of Marin County’s namesake and his people. ISBN: 978-1-59714-053-9. Order #: HEYD2944 paper$21.95
Children of Manzanar.
ISBN: 978-1-59714-160-4. Order #: HEYD8265 paper$17.95
Chumash Ethnobotany: plant knowledge among the Chumash people of Southern California.
Jan Timbrook, with botanical watercolors by Chris Chapman. 272 pages (6 x 9), with illustrations throughout. Plant knowledge and use by the Chumash Indians of Southern California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-048-5. Order #: HEYD2946 paper$27.95
Cityscapes: San Francisco and its buildings. ISBN: 978-1-59714-154-3. Order #: HEYD8266 paper$14.95
A Coast to Explore: coastal geology and ecology of Central California. ISBN: 978-0-9816618-1-0. Order #: HEYD8267 paper$29.95
A Community Organizer's Tale: people and power in San Francisco. ISBN: 978-1-59714-118-5. Order #: HEYD8692 $21.95
Courthouses of California: an Illustrated history. Edited with an Introduction by Ray McDevitt. A carefully researched and superbly designed photo-documentary book chronicling 150 years of judicial architecture in California. ISBN: 1-890771-49-X. Order #: HEYD2976 cloth$50.00

Dark God of Eros: A William Everson Reader. ISBN: 978-1-890771-64-5. Order #: HEYD8693 paper$22.95
Dark Metropolis: Irving Norman's Social Surrealism. ISBN: 978-1-59714-041-6. Order #: HEYD8694 paper$35.00
Dawson’s Avian Kingdom: selected writings by William Leon Dawson. Edited by Anna Neher. Marauding magpies, saucy blackbirds, and hurtling swifts. ISBN: 978-1-59714-062-1. Order #: HEYD2906 paper$16.95
Deeper Than Gold: a guide to Indian life in the Sierra foothills.
Brian Bibby, Photographs by Dugan Aguilar. Part guide, part literary tribute, part photo album, this beautifully designed book features the memories and knowledge of Gold Country’s first peoples—the Native Americans who know the area best. ISBN: 0-930588-96-7. Order #: HEYD2965 paper$18.95
Discovering Early California Afro-Latino Presence. ISBN: 978-1-59714-145-1. Order #: HEYD8695 $5.00
Discovering Nature’s Alphabet. Krystina Castella and Brian Boyl. Let nature be your book! ISBN: 1-59714-021-X. Order #: HEYD2985 cloth$15.95
Discovering Sierra Trees Order #: HEYD1850 paper$5.00 We have limited stock.
Domes, Cliffs, Waterfalls: a brief geology of Yosemite Valley. ISBN: 978-0-93966-05-8. Order #: HEYD1858 paper$1.95 We have limited stock.
Dream Songs and Ceremony: reflections on traditional California Indian dance.
Frank LaPena. With 16 full-color plates. A Great Valley Book. This collection of paintings by acclaimed artist Frank LaPena draws upon the symbols of California Indian dances—sacred events that cannot be photographed or videotaped. Himself a Nomtipom Wintu dancer, singer, and ceremonial leader, LaPena complements his vibrant paintings and poetry with an introduction and commentary. ISBN: 1-890771-79-1. Order #: HEYD2893 cloth$25.00
Dream Street: documenting the birth of a suburb. ISBN: 978-1-59714-103-1. Order #: HEYD8696 paper$22.50
Dream Town: another name for ...? ISBN: 978-1-59714-022-5. Order #: HEYD8697 cloth TOS

East Eats West: writing in two hemispheres--the unintended consequences of the Vietnam disapora. ISBN: 978-1-59714-138-3. Order #: HEYD8700 paper$14.95
Ecotopia Emerging: the prequel to Ecotopioa. ISBN: 978-0-9604320-3. Order #: HEYD8701 paper$19.95
Ecotopia: 30th anniversary edition. ISBN: 978-0-9604320-1-1. Order #: HEYD8702 paper$13.95
Edges of Bounty: adventures in the edible valley. ISBN: 9748-1-59714-108-6. Order #: HEYD8703paper$24.95 
Eldorado: adventures in the path of empire.
Bayard Taylor. A classic contemporary account of the California gold rush. ISBN: 1-890771-36-8. Order #: HEYD2911 paper$18.95
Empire. ISBN: 98-1-59714-334-9. Order #: HEYD paper$30
Entangled: a chronicle of late love. ISBN: 978-1-59714-152-9. Order #: HEYD8704 paper$14.95
Essential Art: native basketry from the California Indian Heritage Center. ISBN: 978-1-59714-169-7. Order #: HEYD8268 paper$NYP
Essential Bierce. ISBN: 978-1-59714-054-6. Order #: HEYD8705 paper$11.95
Essential Mary Austin. Edited with an introduction by Kevin Hearle. An introduction to the pioneering feminist author who first acquainted America with its desert lands in Land of Little Rain. ISBN: 1-59714-043-0. Order #: HEYD2897 paper$11.95
Essential Muir.
Edited by Fred White. An introduction to the great "poetico-trampo-geologist-botanist and ornithologist-naturalist". ISBN: 1-59714-027-9. Order #: HEYD2898 paper$12.95
Essential Saroyan. ISBN: 978-1-59714-001-0. Order #: HEYD8706 paper$11.95
Everyday Dogs: a perpetual calendar for birthdays and other notable dates. ISBN: 978-1-59714-159-8. Order #: HEYD spiral$14.95

Farmworker's Daughter: growing Up Mexican in America. ISBN: 978-1-59714-034-8. Order #: HEYD8708 paper TOS
Fast Cars and Frybread: reports from the Rez. ISBN: 978-1-59714-066-9. Order #: HEYD8709 paper$12.95
First Families: a photographic history of California Indians. Frank and Kim Hogeland. Family photo albums provide an intimate look at Native American life. ISBN: 978-1-59714-013-3. Order #: HEYD2937 paper$27.50
The Flavors of Home: a guide to wild edible plants of the San Francisco Bay Area. ISBN: 978-1-59714-344-8. Order #: HEYD paper$18.00
Flora of the Santa Ana River and Environs With References to World Botany
. Oscar F. Clarke, Danielle Svehla, Greg Ballmer, and Arlee Montalvo. An introduction to the botanical richness of one of southern California’s major waterways. ISBN: 978-1-59714-050-8. #HEDY2926 paper$29.95
Flutes of Fire: essays on California Indian Languages. Leanne Hinton. Thoroughly accessible essays on the structure, sounds, and history of California Indian languages, and the efforts to preserve them. ISBN: 0-930588-62-2. Order #: HEYD2947 paper$18.00
Fool's Paradise: a Carey McWilliams Reader. ISBN: 978-1-890771-41-6. Order #: HEYD8710 paper$18.95
Forgotten Bread: first-generation Armenian American writers. ISBN: 978-1-59714-068-3. Order #: HEYD8711 paper$16.95
The Front Lines of Social Change: Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. ISBN: 978-1-59714-000-3. Order #: HEYD8712  paper$19.95
Frozen Music: a literary exploration of California architecture. ISBN: 978-1-59714-137-6. Order #: HEYD8714 paper$18.95
Fup: short, sweet, and whiskey fueled. ISBN: 978-1-59714-158-1. Order #: HEYD8716 paper$9.95

Gables and Fables: a portrait of San Francisco's Pacific Heights. ISBN: 978-1-59714-056-0. Order #: HEYD8717 paper$19.95
General Vallejo and the Advent of the Americans. Alan Rosenus. The penetrating biography of one of the central—and most controversial—figures in California's early history. ISBN: 1-890771-21-X. Order #: HEYD2968 paper$18.95
Giving with Confidence a guide to savvy philanthropy. ISBN: 978-1-59714-204-5. Order #: HEYD8755 cloth$22.50
Grass Games and Moon Races: California Indian games and toys. Jeannine Gendar. Dozens of traditional games are described through personal accounts, anecdotes, photographs, and drawings. ISBN: 978-0-930588-56-4. Order #: HEYD2938 paper$14.95
Grassroots Philanthropy: field notes of a maverick grantmaker. ISBN: 978-1-59714-085-0. Order #: HEYD8718 paper$18.95
Grave Matters: excavating California's buried past. ISBN: 978-1-59714-162-8.  Order #: HEYD87819 paper$18.95
Gunfight at Mussel Slough: evolution of a Western myth. Edited by Terry Beers. On May 11, 1880 at Henry Brewer’s homestead in the southern San Joaquin Valley district of Mussel Slough, seven men lost their lives during one of the deadliest shootouts in the history of the American West. ISBN: 1-890771-82-1. Order #: HEYD2896 paper$19.95

The Harvest Gypsies: on the road to the Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck, Introduction by Charles Wollenberg. Listed in the Top 100 List of the Century's Best American Journalism. ISBN:1-890771-61-0. Order #: HEYD2964 paper$9.95
Haslam's Valley; stories and essays from the champion of the "other" California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-018-8.  Order #: HEYD8722 paper$18.95
He Flies through the Air with the Greatest of Ease: a William Saroyan reader. ISBN: 978-1-59714-090-4. Order #: HEYD8725 paper$24.95
Heirlooms: letters from a peach farmer. David Mas Masumoto, Illustrations by Doug Hansen. Earthy wisdom from America’s favorite organic farmer. ISBN: 978-1-59714-064-5. Order #: HEYD2889 cloth$21.95
Henry Sugimoto: painting an American experience. ISBN: 978-1-890771-43-0. Order #: HEYD8727 paper$24.95
The High Sierra of California.
Poems and Journals of Gary Snyder, Woodcuts by Tom Killion. A tribute to the bold, jagged peaks that have inspired generations of naturalists, artists, and writers. ISBN: 1-890771-99-6. Order #: HEYD2982 paper$24.95  TOS
How Do I Begin? A Hmong American Literary Anthology. Order #: HEYD8728 paper$16.95
How To Keep Your Language Alive. Leanne Hinton, with Matt Vera and Nancy Steele. A manual for students of all languages, from Yurok to Yiddish, Washoe to Welsh.
ISBN: 1-890771-42-2. Order #: HEYD2942 paper$17.95.
Humphrey the Wayward Whale. Ernest Callenbach and Christine Leefeldt. Children's book tells the true tale and adventures of Humphrey, a humpback whale who wandered seventy miles into the San Francisco Bay in 1985. ISBN: 0-930588-23-1. Order #: HEYD2930 paper$4.95

The Illuminated Landscape: a Sierra Nevada anthology. ISBN: 978-1-59714-128-4. Order #: HEYD8270 paper$19.95
Impressions of the East: treasures from the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley. ISBN: 978-1-59714-060-7. Order #: HEYD8729 cloth$39.95
Indian Summer: traditional life among the Choinumne Indians of California's San Joaquin Valley.
Thomas Jefferson Mayfield, Introduction by Malcolm Margolin. An eye-witness account of the nearly lost and unspeakably beautiful world of the Choinumne Yukots and the valley in which they lived. ISBN: 1-59714-035-x. Order #: HEYD2894 paper$13.95
Inlandia: a literary journey through California's Inland Empire. ISBN: 978-59714-037-9. Order #: HEYD8730 paper$18.95
Insects of the Los Angeles Basin. ISBN: 978-0-938644-44-6. Order #: paperHEYD$34.95
Ira Nowinski's San Francisco: poets, politics, and divas. ISBN: 978-1-59714-040-9. Order #: HEYD8731 paper$27.95
It Will Live Forever: traditional Yosemite acorn preparation. Beverly R. Ortiz, as told by Julia F.Parker. For over twenty years, visitors to Yosemite National Park have watched with fascination as Julia Parker demonstrates the Yosemite Miwok/Paiute skill of preparing acorn. ISBN: 0-930588-45-2. #HEDY9707 paper$14.95
It's Nice to Be an Otter. ISBN: 978-1-59714-335-6. Order #: HEYD cloth$8.99
It's Nice to Be a Pika. ISBN: 978-1-59714-336-3. Order #: HEYD cloth$8.99

Jazz Idiom: blueprints, stills and frames. ISBN: 978-1-59714-095-9. Order #: HEYD8732 paper$21.95
Jesse's Ghost: a novel. ISBN: 978-1-59714- 153-6. Order #: HEYD8733 paper$20.00
Jewish Life in the American West. Edited by Ava F. Kahn. In this multifaceted volume of art and essays, narrow stereotypes of westerners and immigrants give way before an exploration of Jewish community-building in the West. Here is a world that few people know—a world of Jewish cowboys, pioneers in covered wagons, gold miners, frontier politicians, and suffragettes. ISBN: 1-890771-77-5. Order #: HEYD2970 paper$22.50
The Journey of the Flame: a slow ride through exotic territory. ISBN: 978-1-890771-58-4. Order #: HEYD8734 paper$14.95
Journey to Topaz. Yoshiko Uchida. Based on Yoshiko Uchida's personal experiences, this much loved classic is the story of one girl's struggle to remain brave during the Japanese internment of World War II. ISBN: 1-890771-91-0. Order #: HEYD2990 paper$9.95

Kodoku: an unforgettable journey. ISBN: 978-1-59714-173-4. Order #: HEYD8735 cloth$16.95

The Land of Orange Groves and Jails: Upton Sinclair's California. ISBN: 978-1-890771-95-9. Order #: HEYD8271 paper$16.95
Lands of Promise and Despair: chronicles of early California, 1535-1846.
Edited by Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz. This groundbreaking collection presents an ever-shifting world of struggle and opportunity, aspiration and tragedy, pride and los. ISBN: 1-890771-48-1. Order #: HEYD2905 paper$24.95
The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada. Written and Illustrated by John Muir Laws. 368 pages (4.75 x 8.75), with 2,800 watercolor illustrations. The must-have guide to the Range of Light. ISBN: 978-1-59714-052-2. Order #: HEYD2924 paper$24.95
The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds. ISBN: 978-1-59714-195-6. Order #: HEYD8272 paper$24.95
The Laws Pocket Guide Set: San Francisco Bay Area: 4 fold-out guides. ISBN: 978-1-59714-120-8. Order #: HEYD8273 fold-out guides$21.95
The Laws Pocket Guides: among the oaks and pines. ISBN: 978-1-59714-124-6. Order #: HEYD8274 fold-out guide$5.95
The Laws Pocket Guide: at the beach and on the bay. ISBN: 978-1-59714-121-5. Order #: HEYD8275 fold-out guide$5.95
The Laws Pocket Guide: near creeks, rivers, and ponds. ISBN: 978-1-59714-122-2. Order #: HEYD8276 fold-out guide$5.95
The Laws Pocket Guide: on grassy hills and in fields. ISBN: 978-1-59714-123-9. Order #: HEYD8277 fold-out guide$5.95
The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling. ISBN: 978-1-59714-315-8. Order # HEYD paper$35.00
The Laws Sketchbook for Nature Journaling. ISBN: 978-1-59714-345-5. Order #: HEYD cloth$20.00
Letters to the Valley: a harvest of memories. ISBN: 978-1-59714-038-6. Order #: HEYD8736 paper$14.95
Life Amongst the Modocs: unwritten history. Joaquin Miller, Introduction by Malcolm Margolin. Miller's masterful book, based on his years during the 1850s among the mining town and Indian camps of Northern California. ISBN: 0-930588-79-7.Order #: HEYD2957 paper$18.95
Life in a California Mission: Monterey in 1786. Jean François de la Pérouse, Introduction and commentary by Malcolm Margolin. La Pérouse's diary of the first foreign vessels to visit Spain's California colonies. ISBN: 0-930588-39-8. Order #: HEYD2969 paper$10.95
Life on the River: The Archaeology of an Ancient Native American Culture.  William R. Hildebrandt and Michael J. Darcangelo. The story of an archaeological dig that uncovered a Wintu village. ISBN: 978-1-59714-086-7. Order #: HEYD2888 paper$13.95
Lion Singer.
written and illustrated by Sylvia Ross. a  Great Valley Book. There was once a time when there was no metal in the Chukchansi people’s world.
ISBN: 1-59714-009-0. Order #: HEYD2989 cloth$12.95
Lunch-bucket paradise: a true-life novel. ISBN: 978-1-59714-166-6. Order #: HEYD8737 paper$15.95

Magpies and Mayflies: An Introduction to Plants and Animals of the Central Valley and Sierra Foothills. Derek Madden, Ken Charters, and Cathy Snyder. A Great Valley Book. Follow biologist Derek Madden as he explores some of California’s most diverse ecosystems. ISBN: 1-59714-003-1. Order #: HEYD2891 paper$16.95
The Maidu Indian Myths and Stories of Hanc'ibyjim. Edited and Translated by William Shipley, Foreword by Gary Snyder. A stunning combination of master storytelling and deft translation produced this world-class collection of Maidu myths. ISBN: 0-930588-52-5. Order #: HEYD2956 paper$12.95
Making Home from War: stories of Japanese American exile and resettlement. ISBN: 978-1-59714-142-0. Order #: HEYD8278 paper$18.95
Many Worlds: native life along the Anza Trail.
ISBN: 978-1-59714-167-3. Order #: HEYD8279 paper$NYP-Dec 2012
Marine Mammals of the Northwestern Coast of North America.
Charles Melville Scammon. The classic volume on whales and pinnipeds. ISBN: 978-1-59714-061-4. Order #: HEYD2907 paper$16.95
Mark Twain's San Francisco: being a generous and uninhibited cornucopia of reports, speculations, satires, brickbats, musings, topical verse, and other observations by Mark Twain on "The Liveliest Heartiest Community on Our Continent". edited with a new Introduction by Bernard Taper. From earthquakes, police scandals, and tantalizing silver mine bonanzas to elegant ladies blowing their noses in "exquisitely modulated tones" and seals "writhing and squirming like exaggerated maggots" below the Cliff House, Mark Twain has left us a vision of San Francisco that is at once fascinating and hilariously familiar. ISBN 1-890771-69-4. Order #: HEYD2900 paper$14.95
Married at Fourteen: a true story. ISBN: 978-1-59714-198-7. Order #: HEYD8738 paper$16.95
Masha' allah and other stories--cloth. ISBN: 978-1-59714-212-0. Order #: HEYD8739 cloth$ NYP--Nov 2012
Masha' allah and other stories--paper. ISBN: 978-1-59714-203-8. Order #: HEYD8744 paper$ NYP--Nov 2012
Merton of the Movies; an indictment of Hollywood and the fans who create it. ISBN: 978-1-890771-96-6. Order #: HEYD8744 paper$14.95
The Morning the Sun Went Down.
Darryl Babe Wilson. The compelling autobiography of a California Indian man who grew up with one foot in the Indian world of myth and custom, and the other foot in a modern, Western world. ISBN: 0-930588-81-9. Order #: HEYD2962 paper$13.95
Mother Goose in California: a classic alphabet book with a California twist. ISBN: 978-1-59714-101-7. Order #: HEYD8748 cloth$16.95
Mountains and Molehills: an Englishman in Gold Rush California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-100-0. Order #: HEYD8749 paper$16.95
The Mountains of California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-3337-0. Order #: HEYD paper$16.00
My First Summer in the Sierra. ISBN: 978-1-59714-318-9. Order #: HEYD paper$14.00

Native Ways: California Indian Stories and Memories. Malcolm Margolin and Yolanda Montijo. California Indians vividly describe various aspects of traditional and contemporary Indian life, in a clear, easy-to-read style. ISBN: 0-930588-73-8. Order #: HEYD2966 paper$10.95
Nature's Beloved Son: rediscovering John Muir's botanical legacy. ISBN: 978-1-59714-126-0. Order #: HEYD8284 paper$35.00
New California Writing 2011. ISBN: 978-1-59714-156-7. Order #: HEYD8750 paper$20.00
New California Writing 2012. ISBN: 978-1-59714-189-5. Order #: HEYD8751  paper$20.00
No Place for a Puritan: The Literature of California's Deserts. ISBN: 978-1-59714-98-0. Order #: HEYD8752   paper$21.95
No Rooms of Their Own: Women Writers of Early California, 1848-1869. Edited by Ida Rae Egli. This important collection includes writings by Dame Shirley, Josephine Clifford McCrakin, Ina Coolbrith, Ada Claire, and others. ISBN: 1-890771-01-5. Order #: HEYD9705 paper$16.95
No Time to Nap: what must a farmer do to keep things growing? ISBN: 978-1-59714-046-1. Order #: HEYD8753 cloth$15.95
Nothing Left in My Hands: The Issei of a Rural California Town, 1900–1942. ISBN: 978-1-59714-109-3. Order #: HEYD8761 paper$14.95
November Grass: a Southern California cowgirl considers her life. ISBN: 978-1-890771-39-3. Order #: HEYD8763 paper$13.95

O, My Ancestor: recognition and renewal for the Gabrielino–Tongva people of the Los Angeles area. ISBN: 978-1-59714-115-4. Order #: HEYD8764 paper$21.95

The Ohlone Way: Indian life in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay area--current printing. Malcolm Margolin. This well-loved classic vividly recreates the lost world of the Indian people who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area such a short time ago. ISBN: 978-0-930588-01-4. Order #: HEYD2153 paper$16.95
The Ohlone Way: Indian life in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay area--prior printing, same ISBN.
For this earlier printing, specify "Earlier Printing--60%" and take 60% off on orders of 10 or more. ISBN: 0-930588-01-0.Order #: HEYD2922 paper$14.95
One Day on Beetle Rock.
Sally Carrighar, Foreword by David Rains Wallace. Illustrations by Carl Dennis Buell. An elegant and lively depiction of nine animals spending a spring day on Beetle Rock, a large expanse of granite in Sequoia National Park. ISBN: 1-1-890771-53-8. Order #: HEYD6303 paper$14.95

Only What We Could Carry: the Japanese American internment experience. Edited with an Introduction by Lawson Fusao Inada. Lyrical, haunting voices from inside the camps.
ISBN: 1-890771-30-9. Order #: HEYD2913 paper$21.95
The Oracles: my Filipino grandparents in America--listen to your elders. ISBN: 978-1-59714-036-2. Order #: HEYD8765 paper  TOS
Our People, Our Land, Our Images: international indigenous photography
. Over 100 years of indigenous art photography. Edited by Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie and Veronica Passalacqua
ISBN: 978-1-59714-057-7. Order #: HEYD2936 paper$27.95

Pairing of Polarities: the life and art of Sonya Rapoport. ISBN: 978-1-59714-187-1. Order #:  HEYD8766 paper$21.95
Panamint Shoshone Basketry: an American art form--paper
. Eva Slater. This lovely book presents the cultural, environmental, and historical context in which a new and extraordinary form of basketry was created by the basket makers of a small tribe that inhabited some of the most inhospitable desert lands in Eastern California. ISBN: 1-890771-89-9. Order #: HEYD2948 paper$25.00
Paris Portraits: stories of Picasso, Matisse, Gertrude Stein, and their circle. ISBN: 978-1-59714-157-4. Order #: HEYD8767 cloth$21.95
Peace Is a Four-Letter Word.: when is the right time to stand up for your values? young adult. ISBN: 978-59714-014-0. Order #: HEYD8768 paper$9.95
Peaceful Painter: memoirs of an Issei woman artist. ISBN: 978-1-890771-90-4. Order #: HEYD8769 paper$20.00
Perfume Dreams: reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora. ISBN: 978-1-59714-020-1. Order #: HEYD8770 paper$14.95
The Port Chicago Mutiny. Robert L. Allen. 244 pages (6 x 9.25), with a map and 16 pages of b&w photos. A nearly forgotten chapter in black history—in a new edition. ISBN: 1-59714-028-7. Order #: HEYD2970 paper$16.95

A Queen's Journey: an unfinished novel about Hawai's last monarch. ISBN: 978-1-59714-163-5. Order #: HEYD8779 paper$14.95
Quizzical Eye: The Photography of Rondal Partridge. ISBN: 978-1-890771-57-7. Order #: HEYD8772 paper$21.95

The Raccoon Next Door: getting along with urban wildlife. Gary Bogue, illustrations by Chuck Todd. You believe your home is your haven, but think again, for there are eyes everywhere! What is that rustle in the bushes? Where did that silver streak come from? Why does your dog bark at nothing? ISBN: 1-890771-71-6. #HEDY2927 paper$16.95
Rancho Los Alamitos: ever changing, always the same. ISBN: 978-1-59714-148-2. Order #: HEYD8773 paper$35.00
A Rare Botanical Legacy: the contributions of Ruby and Arthur Van Deventer in northwestern California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-116-1. Order #: HEYD8287 cloth$35.00
Releasing the Days: a native poet's first collection.
ISBN: 978-1-59714-165-9. Order #: HEYD8776 paper$12.95
Remaking California: reclaiming the public good. ISBN: 978-1-59714-134-5.
Order #: HEYD8777 paper$16.95
Remember Your Relations:
the Elsie Allen baskets, family & friends. Suzanne Abel-Vidor, Dot Brovarney, and Susan Billy. The Pomo Indians of Northern California are widely considered to be among the world's most skilled weavers, and no finer collection of their baskets exists than that created by Elsie Allen and her mother, Annie Burke. ISBN: 0-930588-80-0. Order #: HEYD2954 paper$20.00
Rick Barton: things you know but cannot explain. ISBN: 978-0-9903533-3-1. Order #: HEYD paper$35.00
Rise of the Ranges of Light: Landscapes and Change in the Mountains of California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-151-2. Order #: HEYD8285 paper$18.95
River of Words: Images and Poetry in Praise of Water. ISBN: 978-1-890771-65-2. Order #: HEYD8780 paper$12.95
Riverbig: a novel. ISBN: 978-1-59714-104-8. Order #: HEYD8781 cloth$21.95
Rivers of California: Nature's Lifelines in the Golden State. ISBN: 978-1-59714-129-1. Order #: HEYD8286 cloth$39.95
Room to Breathe: the wild heart of the San Francisco peninsula. ISBN: 978-    Order #: HEYD8793 
Rose Hill: an intermarriage before its time. ISBN: 978-1-59714-188-8. Order #: HEYD8783 paper$16.95

Sam Maloof: 36 views of a master woodworker. ISBN: 978-0-59714-333-2. Order #: HEYD paper$20.00
Samurai of Gold Hill. ISBN: 978-1-59714-015-7. Order #: HEYD8784 paper$8.95
Seaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider: A California Indian Feast. ISBN: 978-1-59714-078-2. Order #: HEYD8669 paper$21.95
A Seed of Modernism: the Art Students League of Los Angeles, 1906-1953. ISBN: 978-1-59714-076-8. Order #: HEYD8785 paper$24.95
A Separate Star: selected writings of Helen Hunt Jackson. ISBN: 978-1-59714-074-4. Order #: HEYD8288 paper$21.95
Shades of California: the hidden beauty of ordinary life.
ISBN: 978-1-890771-44-7. Order #: HEYD8786 paper$18.95
The Shirley Letters: from the California mines, 1851-1852.
Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe, Introduction by Marlene Smith-Baranzini. This beloved classic of California historical literature offers a vivid portrait of the exuberance and brutality of gold rush life from a woman's perspective. ISBN: 1-890771-00-7. Order #: HEYD2908 paper$13.95
Sierra Birds: A Hiker’s Guide.
By John Muir Laws. A unique book that assumes no prior birding knowledge on the part of the reader and is organized for easy and quick reference.
ISBN: 1-890771-78-3. Order #: HEYD2925 paper$9.95
Skin Tax: the bold poetic voice of Tim Hernandez. ISBN: 978-1-890771-93-5. Order #: paperHEYD8787 paper$12.95
The Smokehouse Boys: poems by Shaunna Oteka McCovey. ISBN: 978-59714-019-5. Order #: HEYD8788 paper$11.95
Snag Anthology: a decade of indigenous media. ISBN; 978-0-692-45532-6. Order #: HEYD paper$40
So Far from Home: Russians in early California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-184-0. Order #: HEYD8789 paper$    NYP--July 2012
Soul Calling: a photographic journey through the Hmong diaspora. ISBN: 978-1-59714-168-0. Order #: HEYD8791 cloth$30.00
Spring Salmon, Hurry to Me!: the seasons of Native California. Edited by Margaret Dubin and Kim Hogeland. California Indian writers and storytellers celebrate the seasons.
ISBN: 978-1-59714-079-9.
Order #: HEYD2886 paper$16.95
A State of Change: forgotten landscapes of California. ISBN: 978-1-59714-136-9. Order #: HEYD8794 cloth$50.00Stickeen
Stickeen. John Muir. Illustrated edition of well-loved tale of how John Muir and the dog Stickeen struggled to cross an Alaskan glacier during an ice storm. An exhilarating story that has become an American classic. Illustrated, 96 pages.  ISBN: 0-930588-48-7. Order #: HEYD6114 paper$7.95




Straight with the Medicine: narratives of Washoe followers of the Tipi Way. Warren L. d’Azevedo. A Heyday Books classic, back in print with eleven new chapters.
ISBN: 1-59714-029-5. Order #: HEYD2945 paper$12.95
Structures of Utility: capturing the disquietingly abandoned landscape that is the beating heart of California. ISBN: 978-1-890771-62-1. Order #: HEYD8795 cloth$45.00
Sudden and Solitary: Mount Shasta and its artistic legacy, 1841–2008. William C. Miesse with Robyn G. Peterson. Generations of artistic tributes to California’s mythic giant. ISBN: 978-1-59714-088-1. Order #: HEYD2885 paper$35.00
A Sweetness Rising: new and selected poems. ISBN: 978-1-59714-063-8. Order #: HEYD8796 paper$12.95

Tahoe beneath the Surface: the hidden stories of America's largest mountain lake. ISBN: 978-1-59714-139-0. Order #: HEYD8290 paper$16.95
Take Me to the River: fishing, swimming, and dreaming on the San Joaquin. ISBN: 978-1-59714-143-7. Order #: HEYD8797 paper$21.95
Tales of the Fish Patrol. by Jack London. ISBN: 978-1-59714-005-8. Order #: HEYD8803 paper$11.95
Tamalpais Walking: poetry, history, and prints. ISBN: 978-1-59714-097-3. Order #: HEYD8818 cloth$50.00
Testimonios: early California through the eyes of women, 1815–1848. ISBN: 978-1-59714-033-1. Order #: HEYD8820 paper$22.95
Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz. 288 pages (6 x 9), with b&w photos throughout. Published in collaboration with Bancroft Library Press, University of California, Berkeley. Unheard voices from pre-gold rush California. ISBN: 1-59714-033-3. Order #: HEYD2921 paper$22.95
Theodore Wores in the Southwest. ISBN: 978-1-59714-047-8. Order #: HEY8821 paper$24.95
There's a Hummingbird in My Backyard. ISBN: 978-1-59714-131-4. Order #: HEYD291 paper$15.95
There’s an Opossum in My Backyard.
Gary Bogue, Illustrated by Chuck Todd. A friendly opossum finds adventure in a family’s backyard. ISBN: 978-1-59714-059-1. Order #: HEYD2984 cloth$15.95
Ticket to Exile: a memoir of an African-American childhood in the Jim Crow south. ISBN: 978-1-59714-065-2. Order #: HEYD8823 paper$14.95
Topaz Moon: Chiura Obata's art of the internment.
Edited by Kimi Kodani Hill. A great artist bears witness to the Japanese American internment, in this beautifully illustrated book accompanied by a text which draws heavily upon family letters and documents and interviews. ISBN: 1-890771-26-0. Order #: HEYD2981 paper$22.50
Treasures of the Conservatory of Flowers.
Nina Sazevich, Photography by Kevin J. Frest. 72 pp (7.5 x 5.5), with full-color photographs throughout. Discover the tropics in one of San Francisco’s most cherished landmark. ISBN: 1-59714-031-7. Order #: HEYD2929 paper$8.95
Tree Barking: A Memoir. ISBN: 978-1-59714-081-2. Order #: HEYD8825 paper$14.95
The Trees of Golden Gate Park and San Francisco.
Elizabeth McClintock, edited and arranged by Richard G. Turner, Jr. An essential guide for all who love the natural beauty of San Francisco. ISBN: 1-890771-28-7. Order #: HEYD2933 paper$18.95
Turned Round in My Boots: A Memoir. ISBN: 978-1-59714-144-4. Order #: HEYD8826 paper$18.95

Una Storia Segreta: the secret history of Italian American evacuation and internment during World War II. ISBN: 978-890771-40-9.  Order #: HEYD8827 paper$21.95
Under the Dragon: California's new culture. ISBN: 978-1-59714-045-4. Order #: HEYD8829 paper$24.95
Under the Fifth Sun: Latino literature from California. ISBN: 978-1-890771-59-1. Order #: HEYD8832 paper$19.95
Unfinished Message: selected works of Toshio Mori. ISBN: 978-1-890771-35-5. Order #: HEYD8834 paper$15.95
Unfolding Beauty: Celebrating California's Landscapes.
Edited by Terry Beers. A lively collection of literature inspired by California's varied landscapes. ISBN: 1-890771-34-1. Order #: HEYD2909 paper$17.95
Unsettling the West: Eliza Farnham and Georgiana Bruce Kirby in Frontier California--cloth. ISBN: 978-1-890771-85-0. Order #: HEYD8835 cloth$24.95
Unsettling the West: Eliza Farnham and Georgiana Bruce Kirby in Frontier California--paper. ISBN: 978-1-890771-83-6. Order #: HEYD8836 paper$16.95

Valley of Shadows and Dreams. ISBN: 978-1-59714-172-7. Order #: HEYD8837 cloth$40.00

Walking in Beauty: growing up with the Yurok Indians. ISBN: 978-096641-654-1. Order #: HEYD paper$13.00
Walking the Flatlands: the rural landscape of the Lower Sacramento Valley.
Mike Madison. Mike Madison delivers a detailed critique of the farmland around him, the land he walks daily. ISBN: 1-890771-84-8. Order #: HEYD2892 paper$14.95
Walking Tractor And Other Country Tales. ISBN: 978-1-59714-082-9. Order #: HEYD8838 paper$14.95
Wallace Stegner's West. ISBN: 978-1-59714-111-6. Order #: HEYD8292 paper$18.95
The Way We Lived: California Indian stories, songs, and reminiscences.
Edited with Commentary by Malcolm Margolin. Captures the vitality and continuance of native culture in California, ranging from love songs to death chants, legends to oral histories. ISBN: 978-0-930588-55-7. Order #: HEYD2915 paper$16.95
What Anna Loves. ISBN: 978-1-59714-044-7. Order #: HEYD8839 $ cloth$15.95
Wheels of Change: from zero to 600 m.p.h.: the amazing story of California and the automobile. ISBN: 978-1-59714-113-0. Order #: HEYD8293 paper$24.95
Where Light Takes Its Color from the Sea: a California notebook. ISBN: 978-1-59714-105-5. Order #: HEYD8294 paper$15.95
Wherever There's a Fight: how runaway slaves, suffragists, immigrants, strikers, and poets shaped civil liberties in California.
Order #: HEYD8840
The Wildness Within: remembering David Brower. ISBN: 978-1-59714-186-4. Order #: HEYD8295 paper$20.00
Woman of Ill Fame. Erika Mailman. 264 pages (6 x 9). Murder, sex, and intrigue in gold rush San Francisco. ISBN: 978-1-59714-051-1. Order #: HEYD2977 paper$13.95
Word on the Street.
ISBN: 978-1-59714-140-6. Order #: HEYD8841 paper$25.00

A Yankee in Mexican California, 1834–1836. ISBN: 978-1-59714-119-2. Order #: HEYD8845 paper$9.95

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