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PICTORIAL HISTORIES PUBLISHING was established in 1976 to provide quality pictorial history books at reasonable prices. With more than 150 titles in print, the company has grown from a regional to an international publisher--specializing in books of the Civil War, World War Two, Alaska, Montana, and Virginia, plus skiing titles and more.

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Civil War     World War II     Naval history and ships    Railroads/Airplanes       Alaska & Yukon       Montana   Virginia      Americana     skiing

Pictorial Histories Publishing books by alphabet (Underlined links lead to individual book descriptions):

8.6 The Great Alaska Earthquake: March 27, 1964. ISBN: 0-929521-96-X. Order #: PIHI2779 paper$12.95

Air War Grenada. ISBN: 0-933126-52-2. Order #: PIHI7712 paper$6.95
The Alaska Flying Expedition: the U.S. Army’s 1920 New York to Nome Flight. ISBN: 1-57510-041-X. Order #: PIHI1473 paper$12.95
Alaska's First Bush Pilots, 1920-1930--and the winter search in Siberia for Eilson and Borland. ISBN: 978-1-57510-147-7. Order #: PIHI7711 paper$19.95
Alaska's Wilderness Rails: from the taiga to the tundra. ISBN: 0-933126-21-2. Order #: PIHI2792 paper$9.95 Last of Stock; we have one left.
Alaska's Wolf Man--the 1915–55 wilderness adventures of Frank Glaser. ISBN 978-1-57510-147-7. Order #: PIHI2051 paper$19.95
Ambassador of Air Travel: the untold story of Lindbergh's 1927-1928 Good Will Tours. ISBN: 1-57510-125-4. Order #: PIHI1411 cloth$24.95
American Battleships: a pictorial history of BB-1 to BB-37 with prototypes Maine and Texas. ISBN: 1-55710-004-5. Order #: PIHI1441 paper$9.95
American Cruisers of WWII: a pictorial encyclopedia. ISBN: 0-933126-51-4. Order #: PIHI1358 paper$12.95
America's Fighting Railroads: a World War II pictorial history. ISBN 1-57510-001-0. Order #: PIHI1482 paper$14.95
An Alien Place: the Fort Missoula, Montana, detention damps--1941-1944. ISBN: 978-0-629521-99-2. Order #: PIHI1362 $14.95
Artillery at the Golden Gate: the harbor defenses of San Francisco in World War II. ISBN: 0-929521-85-4. Order #: PIHI2785 paper$14.95
Attack on Pearl Harbor: a pictorial history. ISBN: 1-57510-087-8. Order #: PIHI2783 paper$19.95

Battle Cry of Freedom: military music of Union Army bands. Cassette. Order #: PIHI1366 casette$8.95
The Battle of Puffendorf. ISBN: 1-57510-115-7. Order #: PIHI7713 paper $19.95
Battleship Country: the battle fleet at San Pedro-Long Beach, California, 1919-1940. ISBN: 0-933126-30-1. Order #: PIHI1419 paper$7.95
The Big Burn: the Northwest's great forest fire of 1910. ISBN: 0-933126-04-2. Order #: PIHI2791 paper$12.95
A Bird of Passage: the story of my life (Otto Lang). ISBN: 1-57510-026-6. Order #: PIHI5804 paper$19.95
Birthplace of Montana: a history of Fort Benton. ISBN: 978-1-57510-068-5. Order #: PIHI7716 $24.95             new
Blackfoot Fur Trade on the Upper Missouri. ISBN: 1-57510-106-8. Order #: PIHI5478 paper$24.95
Breaking Even. ISBN: 1-57510-037-1. Order #: PIHI7702 paper$15.95                                             new
The Bridge at Remage: the amazing story of March 7, 1945--the day the Rhine River was crossed, ISBN: 0-929521-29-X. Order #: PIHI1414 $12.95
The Butte Shortline: the construction era 1888-1929. ISBN: 1-57510-040-1. Order #: PIHI7718 paper$22.95                  new
The Buzzard Brigade: Torpedo Squadron 10 at war. ISBN: 1-57510-011-8. Order #: PIHI1395 cloth$29.95

Castner's Cutthroats; saga of the Alaska scouts. ISBN: 978-1-57510-084-5. Order #: PIHI1397 paper$23.95
Chain Dogs II: the German Army military police of World War II. ISBN: 1-57510-013-4. Order #: PIHI1399 paper$9.95
The Civil War in West Virginia. ISBN 1-89152-03-5. PIHI1556 paper$15.95
Civil War Military Music. Order #: PIHI1560 CD$14.95 Out of print
Civil War Musical Instruments. Order #: PIHI1407 $12.95 Out of print
Civil War Paper Items from the Rosanna A. Blake Confederate Collection, Marshall University. ISBN: 1-57510-118-1. Order #: PIHI1408 $14.95
Coke Goes to War. ISBN: 1-57510-016-9. Order #: PIHI1410 paper$9.95
A Cold War Legacy. Order #: PIHI1417 $55.00 Out of print
Concorde--full story of Anglo-French SST. ISBN: 0-929521-16-1. Order #: PIHI1443 paper$9.95
The Concrete Battleship--Fort Drum, Fraile Island, Manila Bay. ISBN: 0-929521-06-4. Order #: PIHI1421 paper$8.95
Cooney Ricketts: child of the regiment. ISBN:1-57510-085-1. Order #: PIHI7714 paper$14.95
Cut-away Pass: a wilderness adventure. ISBN: 1-57510-116-5. Order #: PIHI7715  paper$14.95

Destination Tokyo: a pictorial history of Doolittle's Tokyo raid, April 18, 1942. ISBN: 0-929521-52-8. Order #: PIHI1426 paper$14.95
Destroyer Escorts of World War II. ISBN: 0-933126-88-3. Order #: PIHI1429 paper$9.95
Dixie and Bonnie Blue Flag Music: military band music of the Confederacy--casette. ISBN: None. Order #: PIHI1430 audio$8.95
The Dominator; the story of the Consolidated B-12 bomber. ISBN: 0-933126-38-7. Order #: PIHI1444 paper$8.95
Downhill in Montana: early day skiing in the Treasure State and Yellowstone (book). ISBN 978-1-57510-136-1. Order #: PIHI1548 paper$24.95
Downhill in Montana: early day skiing in the Treasure State and Yellowstone (DVD). ISBN: None. Order #: PIHI1550 DVD$19.95
The Durbin Route: the Greenbrier division of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. ISBN: 0-933126-56-5. Order #: PIHI771 paper$12.95

Earhart: what really happened at Howland. ISBN: 9-9693175-2-2. Order #: PIHI1344 $16.95
The Eisenhowers: Gettysburg's first family. ISBN:0-933126-25.5. Order #: PIHI5801 paper$7.95
Enemy on Island: issue in doubt--the capture of Wake Island, December 1941. ISBN: 0-933126-39-5. Order #: PIHI1445 paper$12.95
Equipment of the WWII Tommy. ISBN: 978-1-57510-151-4. Order #: PIHI7705 paper$34.95

Fairs and Railroads: railroads at world's fairs, expositions, and railroad tours. ISBN:978-1-57510-152-1. Order #: PIHI7710 paper$29.95
Fascist Eagle--Italy's Air Marshal Italo Balbo. ISBN: 1-57510-012-6. Order #: PIHI1446 paper$14.95
The Fight for Coal Mine Health and Safety: a documented history. ISBN: 978-1-57510-155-2. Order #: PIHI7703 paper$19.95 new
Final Cut: the postwar B-17 Flying Fortress--the survivors. ISBN:1-57510-077-0. Order #: PIHI1464 paper$24.95
Finding the Bad Inn: discovering my family's hidden past.  ISBN: 978-1-57510-150-7. Order #: PIHI7737 cloth$25.00
The First Flight Around the World. ISBN: 1-57510-072-X. Order #: PIHI1464 paper$17.95
Fleet Submarines of World War II. ISBN: 0-933126-72-7. Order #: PIHI1469 paper$7.95
Forgotten Fields of America, II: World War II bases and training--then and now. ISBN: 1-57510-051-7. Order #: PIHI1240 paper$21.95
Forgotten Fields, IV: World War II bases and training--then and now. ISBN: 978-1-57510-132-3. Order #: PIHI1454 cloth$21.95
The Forgotten War: a pictorial history of World War II in Alaska and Northwestern Canada, Vol. 2. ISBN: 0-933126-70-0. Order #: PIHI1258 paper$16.95
The Forgotten War: a pictorial history of World War II in Alaska and Northwestern Canada, Vol. 3. ISBN: 0-933126-30-7. Order #: PIHI1259 paper$16.95
The Forgotten War: a pictorial history of World War II in Alaska and Northwestern Canada, Vol. 4. ISBN: 0-933126-64-1. Order #: PIHI1260 paper$16.95
Forgotten Warriors of the Aleutian Campaign. ISBN: 1-57510-120-3. Order #: PIHI7719 paper$18.95    new
Four Came Home: the gripping story of the survivors of Jimmy Doolittle's two lost crews. ISBN: 1-57510-007-X. Order #: PIHI1412 paper$14.95
Franzl II: from 4 years on the Russian front, 1941-45, to standing on the Olympic podium in 1948. ISBN: 1-57510-073-8. Order #: PIHI6398 paper$14.95 Out of Print
Free State Battlewagon--USS Maryland. ISBN: 0-933126-76-X. Order #: PIHI1481 paper$7.95
From Model T to P-38 Lightning: celebrating the life of William Frank Schottelkorb. ISBN: 1-57510-100-9. Order #: PIHI1510 cloth$24.95

The Games of '36: a Pictorial History of the 1936 Olympics in Germany. ISBN: 1-57510-009-6. Order #: PIHI1549 paper$19.95
The General & the Texas: a pictorial history of the Andrews Raid, April 12, 1862. ISBN: 1-57510-060-6.  Order #: PIHI1568 paper$17.95
Ghost Fleet of the Turk Lagoon. ISBN: 0-933126-66-2. Order #: PIHI7709 paper$12.95               new
Glacier's Grandest: a pictorial history of the hotels and chalets of Glacier National Park. ISBN: 0-929521-89-7. Order #: PIHI5479 paper$9.95
A Glorious Page in Our History--Battle of Midway. ISBN: 0-929521-40-4. Order #: PIHI1484 paper$16.95
Golden State Battlewagon--USS California. ISBN: 0-933126-37-9. Order #: PIHI1485 paper$7.95
Gold Rush Gateway: Skagway and Dyea. ISBN: 0-933126-48-4. Alaska. Order #: PIHI2769 paper$9.95  Out of print until 2013
Gray Ghost: the R. M. S. Queen Mary at war. ISBN: 933126-26-3. Order #: PIHI1488 paper$9.95 OUT OF PRINT
The Great Alaska Pipeline. ISBN: 0-933126-71-9. Order #: PIHI2773 paper$14.95
Gretchen's Gold: the story of Gretchen Fraser, America's first gold medalist in Olympic skiing. ISBN: 1-57510-019-2. Order #: PIHI6400 cloth$19.95
The Grim Reapers: at work in the Pacific Theater--the Third Attack Group of the U.S. Fifth Air Force. ISBN: 1-57510-093-2. Order #: PIHI1489 cloth$24.95

Hawaiian Airlines: a pictorial history of the pioneer carrier in the Pacific. ISBN: 0-933126-81-6. Order #: PIHI7720 paper$12.95    new
Hero of the Rhine: the Karl Timmermann story. ISBN: 1-57510-110-6. Order #: PIHI1491 paper$14.95
Hidden Hazards in House and Garden Plants. ISBN: 0-929521-26-9. Order #: PIHI7740 spiral$29.95
Highway on the Sea: a pictorial history of the Alaska Marine Highway System. ISBN: 0-929521-87-0. Order #: PIHI2778 paper$7.95
Historic Springs of the Virginias: a pictorial history. ISBN: 1-891852-16-7. Order #: PIHI1571 paper$22.95
Hunting Alaska's Far Places: half a century with rifle and shotgun. ISBN: 978-1-57510-140-8. Order #: PIHI7721 paper$23.95

Images of the Civil War in West Virginia. ISBN: 1-891852-12-4. Order #: PIHI1562 paper$19.95
In the Shadow of Eagles: from barnstormer to Alaska bush pilot, a flyer's story. ISBN: 978-1-57510-154-5. Order #: PIHI7722 paper$19.95
Iron Riders: story of the 1890s Fort Missoula Buffalo Soldiers Bicycle Corps. ISBN: 1-57510-074-6. Order #: PIHI1492 paper$12.95
Italian Boys at Fort Missoula. ISBN: 1-57510-035-5. Order #: PIHI7738 paper$12.95 Out of print

James Monroe: an illustrated history. ISBN: 978-1-5750-138-5. Order #: PIHI1496 paper$19.95
Jim Rearden's Alaska. ISBN: 1-57510-121-1. Order #: PIHI1497 paper$17.95
John Brown:  the thundering voice of Jehovah. ISBN: 1-57510-055-X. Order #: PIHI2790 paper$14.95 Last of stock; we have one left.
John Brown Mysteries. ISBN 1-57510-059-2.  Order #: PIHI1566 paper$11.95 Last of stock; we have one left.
Journey to the Koyukuk: the photos of J. N. Wyman. 1898-1899. ISBN: 0-933126-99-9. Order #: PIHI1500 paper$10.95

Kantishna: mushers, miners, mountaineers. ISBN: 1-57510-124-6. Order #: PIHI5887 paper$17.95
Keystone Battlewagon--USS Pennsylvania. ISBN: 0-933162-27-1. Order #: PIHI1501 paper$7.95
King Coal: a pictorial history of West Virginia coal mining. ISBN: 0-933126-53-0. Order #: PIHI1569 paper$13.95
Koga's Zero: the fighter that changed World War II. ISBN: 0-929521-56-0. Order #: PIHI1502 paper$12.95

The "Lady Lex" and the "Blue Ghost": a pictorial history of the USS Lexington CV-2 and CV-16. ISBN: 0-933126-35-2. Order #: PIHI1503 paper$8.95
The Lewis and Clark Trail: the photo journal. ISBN: 0-970599-20-X. Order #: PIHI5799 paper$19.95
Little Coyote--a novel by Charles J. Kein. ISBN: 1-57510-022-3. Order #: PIHI1504 cloth$25.00

Make it Pay, Gold Dredge #4. ISBN: 0-929521-88-9. Order #: PIHI1505 paper$9.95
McKinley Station: the people of the pioneer park that became Denali. ISBN: 1-57510-145-3. Order #: PIHI7723 paper$21.95
Missoula the Way it Was: a portrait of an early Western town. ISBN: 1-57510-112-2. Order #: PIHI1507 paper$19.95
Montana's Grandest: historic hotels and resorts of the Treasure state. ISBN: 1-57510-111-4. Order #: PIHI1513 paper$15.95
Moses Ezekiel: Civil War soldier, renowned sculptor. ISBN: 978-1-57510-131-6. Order #: PIHI1514 paper$14.95
Mountaineer Battlewagon: U. S. S. West Virginia. (BB-48). ISBN: 0-933126-16-6. Order #: PIHI2253 paper$7.95
Mountaineer Sabres: 167th Fighter Squadron--West Virginia Air National Guard. 1955-1961. ISBN:0-929521-02-1.. Order #: PIHI1515 $7.95
Mullan Pass on the Montana "Short Line". ISBN: 1-57510-0630-0. Order #: PIHI7700. paper$19.95              new
Mustangs and Unicorns; a history of the 359th FG. ISBN: 1-57510-029-0. Order #: PIHI1517 paper$19.95

No Longer Silent: world-wide memories of the children of World War II--autobiographic essays. ISBN:1-57510-003-7. Order #: PIHI1518 paper$22.95

On the Road to Yellowstone: the Yellowstone Trail and American highways, 1900-1930. ISBN: 1-57510-079-7. Order #: PIHI2765 paper$15.95 Out of print
One Night at a Bad Inn: a true story. ISBN: 978-1-57510-142-2. Order #: PIHI1519 paper$19.95

Packets to Paradise: steamboats to Fort Benton. ISBN: 1-57510-091-6. Order #: PIHI1572 paper$19.95
Parallel Fates: the USS Utah (BB-31/AG-16) and the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) in peace and war. ISBN: 1-57510-113-0. Order #: PIHI7742 paper$12.95                   NEW
Peter Three Eight: the pilot's story. ISBN: 0-933126-73-5. Order #: PIHI1522 paper$9.95
A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment: Volume I.  ISBN: 0-933126-32-8. Order #: PIHI2788 paper$9.95
A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment: Volume II. ISBN: 0-933126-94-8. Order #: PIHI1364 paper$9.95
A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment: Volume III.  ISBN: 0-933126-034-7. Order #: PIHI1365 paper$9.95
A Pictorial Guide to West Virginia's Civil War Sites. ISBN: 1-891852-03-5. Order #: PIHI1555 paper$14.95
A Pictorial History of Civil War Era Musical Instruments and Military Bands. ISBN: 0-933126-60-3. Order #: PIHI1558 paper$12.95
A Pictorial History of Downhill Skiing. ISBN:  0-933126-55-7. Order #: PIHI5802 paper$14.95
A Pictorial History of Smokejumping. ISBN 0-933126-40-9. Order #: PIHI1574 paper$12.95 LOS; we have 1 left.
The Pink Palace: Royal Hawaiian Waikiki. ISBN 0-933126-82-4. Order #: PIHI7739 paper$9.95
Play Winning Cribbage. ISBN 0-9612548-0-7. Order #: PIHI1527 paper$15.00
Purple & Gold: a 60-year history of Missoula County High School, 1905-1965. ISBN:1-57510-119-X. Order #: PIHI1529 paper$19.95

Rails Across the Tundra: a historical album of the Alaska Railroad. ISBN: 0-933126-43-3. Order #: PIHI2777  paper$12.95
Rails to Gold & Silver, Vol. 1. Order #: PIHI1530 $24.95 Out of Print
Rails to Gold & Silver, lines to Montana’s mining camps, Volume 2: 1883–1887, Vol. 2. ISBN: 1-57510-056-9. Order #: PIHI1530 paper$24.95.
Red Skies of '88: the 1988 forest fire season in the Northern Rockies, the Northern Great Plains, and the Greater Yellowstone Area. ISBN:  0-929521-17-X.  Order #: PIHI2762 paper$12.95
Regia Marina--Italian battleships of World War II. ISBN: 0-933126-75-1. Order #: PIHI1531 paper$9.95
Remember Pearl Harbor Collectibles. ISBN: 1-57510-080-0. Order #: PIHI1532 paper$14.95
Rise of the Ironclads. ISBN: 0-933126-90-5. Order #: PIHI1559 paper$12.95
Rodeo: the suicide trail. ISBN: 1-57510-061-4. Order #: PIHI7726 paper$9.95

Sail Army: a pictorial guide to current U. S. Army watercraft. ISBN: 1-57510-117-3. Order #: PIHI1534 paper$11.95
Sam O. White, Alaskan: tales of a legendary wildlife agent and bush pilot. ISBN: 978-1-57510-130-9. Order #: PIHI1533 paper$23.95
Seacoast Cannon Coloring Book. ISBN: 1-57510-015-0. Order #: PIHI1535 paper$3.95
Shadows on the Koyukuk: an Alaskan native's life along the river. ISBN: 978-1-57510-153-8. Order #: PIHI7727 paper$16.95
The Ship That Would Not Die. ISBN: 0-933126-87-5. Order #: PIHI1536 paper$12.95
Silent Towns on the Prairie: North Dakota's disappearing towns and farms. ISBN: 1-57510-048-7. Order #: PIHI1537 paper$19.95
Slim Moore, Alaska Master Guide--a Sourdough’s hunting adventures and wisdom. ISBN 978-1-57510-139-2. Order #: PIHI1538 paper$14.95
Soaring with Eagles: history of aviation in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and Idaho. ISBN 1-57510-086-X. Order #: PIHI1581 paper$17.95
Soldat, Volume III: the World War II German Army combat uniform collector’s handbook--equipping the German foot soldier in Europe, 1944–1945. ISBN: 0-929521-46-3. Order #: PIHI1539 paper$12.95
Soldat, Volume V: t
he World War II German Army combat uniform collector’s handbook--uniforms and insignia of Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland, 1939–1945. ISBN: 0-929521-76-5. Order #: PIHI1540 paper$14.95
Soldat, Volume XI: t
he World War II German Army combat collector’s handbook : the reproductions—The Postwar Years. ISBN: 0-929521-94-3. Order #: PIHI1578 paper$15.95
Soldat, Volume XIC: t
he World War II German reenactor guide to combat uniforms & equipment. ISBN: 1-57510-088-6. Order #: paperPIHI15.95
Soldier of the Union. ISBN: 978-1-57510-157-6. Order #: PIHI7731 paper$19.95
Soldiers of the Mist: Minutemen of the Alaska Frontier. ISBN 0-929521-37-4. Order #: PIHI1580 paper$12.95
The Streets Were Paved With Gold: a pictorial history of the Klondike Gold Rush, 1896-1899--book. ISBN: 0-933126-03-4. Order #: PIHI2767 paper$12.95
The Streets Were Paved With Gold; the Klondike Gold Rush, 1896-99--video. ISBN: VHS VIDEO. Order #: PIHI2768 paper$19.95
Super Marine: the Sgt. Orland D. "Buddy" Jones Story. ISBN: 978-1-57510-135-4. Order #: PIHI7734 paper$14.95

They Came to Destroy America: the FBI goes to war against Nazi spies & saboteurs before and during World War II. ISBN: 1-57510-107-7. Order #: PIHI1583 paper$16.95
This Is Latch: the story of Roy F. Hoffmann. ISBN: 978-1-57510-137-8. Order #: PIHI1584 cloth$29.95
To Win the War: homefront memorabilia of World War II (a companion volume to V for Victory).  ISBN: 1-57500-000-2.  Order #: PIHI1585 paper$29.95
Toys Go to War: World War II military toys, games, puzzles and books. ISBN 0-929521-95-1. Order #: PIHI1586 paper$29.95
The Trail of '42 (book). ISBN: 0-933126-06-9. Order #: PIHI2770 paper$7.95
The Trail of '42 (DVD). ISBN: VHS video. Order #: PIHI2774 DVD$19.95
Travel Air NC9084: the history of a 75-year-old working airplane. ISBN: 1-57510-105-X. Order #: PIHI1590 paper$14.95
The Tree Army: a pictorial history of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942 (book). ISBN: 0-933126-11-5. Order #: PIHI5797 paper$12.95
The Tree Army: a pictorial history of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942 (VHS). ISBN: VHS VIDEO. Order #: PIHI5798 video$19.95 OS
The Tree Army: a pictorial history of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942. ISBN: DVD. Order #: PIHI1593 dvd$24.95
Two Ocean Battleship--USS Nevada (BB-36)--Data #6. ISBN: 1-57510-098-3. Order #: PIHI1592 paper$12.95 OS

University of Montana. Order #: PIHI1594 $14.95 OP
USS Cassin Young (DD-793); a Fletcher class destroyer. ISBN: 0-933126-58-1. Order #: PIHI1595 paper$8.95
USS Enterprise (CV-6): a pictorial history of the most decorated ship of World War II. ISBN: 0-933126-24-7. Order #: PIHI1600 paper$12.95
USS Kidd--Warships (DD-661). Warships Data #1. ISBN: 0-929521-29-3. Order #: PIHI1602 paper$8.95
USS Los Angeles (CA-135): Cold War sentinel. ISBN: 1-57510-067-3. $PIHI1601 paper$9.95

V for Victory Collectibles. Order #: PIHI1606 $14.95 OP

A Walker's Guide to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. ISBN: 0-933126-28-X. Order #: PIHI2793 paper$7.95 LOS-we have one left.
War on the Rivers: a Swift Boat sailor’s chronicle of the battle for the Mekong Delta. ISBN: 1-57510-109-2. Order #: PIHI1609 cloth$19.95
Weapons of the World War II Tommy. ISBN: 978-1-57510-159-0. Order #: PIHI7706 paper$34.95   new
The West Coast Goes to War, 1941-1942. ISBN: 1-57510-038-X. Order #: PIHI1608 paper$12.95
West Virginia Air Power: a pictorial History of the 130th & 167th Tactical Airlift Groups. ISBN: 0-929521-53-6. Order #: PIHI7704 paper$9.95
The Western Montana Fair. ISBN: 1-57510-002-9. Order #: PIHI7736 paper$7.95

Where Industry Failed: water-powered mills at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  ISBN: 0-933126-49-2. Order #: PIHI5548 paper$7.95 LOS--we have on left.
The White Pass and Yukon Route: a pictorial history. ISBN: 0-933126-08-5. Order #: PIHI2776 paper$9.95
Wings to the Orient: Pan American Clipper Planes, 1935 to 1945--a pictorial history. ISBN: 0-933126-61-1. Order #: PIHI1610 paper$14.95
The Wolves of Alaska: a fact-based saga. ISBN: 1-57510-099-9. Order #: PIHI2775 paper$18.95
The World, Portsmouth & the 22nd Coast Artillery. ISBN: 1-57510-030-4. Order #: PIHI1611 paper$9.95

The Years and the Wind and the Rain: a biography of Dorothy Johnson. ISBN: 0-933126-50-6. Order #: PIHI1612 cloth$12.95
Yellowstone by Train: a history of rail travel to America's first national park. ISBN: 1-57510-129-7. Order #: PIHI1547 paper$24.95
Yukon River Steamboats: a pictorial history. ISBN: 0-933126-19-0. Order #: PIHI2796 paper$11.95

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