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Watch this space for used and out-of-print books that will be post ing here. Almost all are only available as single copies. Some are scarce. Many are hard to find anywhere else. The list will be updated as sales occur. Condition is as new unless shown. 

ARIZONA AS IT WAS: 1877. Hodge.
Missions, railroads, Indians, newspapers, military posts, mining. 273 pages.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: . Order #: RIGR1229 cloth$20.00.

Although known for his contributions to the understanding of Yosemite Valley's geologic origin and for his conservation work, botany was always Muir's first love, and he produced wonderful writings on Sierra trees. These are both descriptive of the trees' features and appreciative of their beauty and place in nature. The magnificent bigtree, also known as sequoia or Sierra redwood, assumes an important part in this. Special, too, is the insert on "A Wind Storm in the Forests of the Yuba" in which Muir ventured out into the windy day, instead of "crouching deprecatingly beneath a roof", climbed into the upper branches of a tall douglas-fir, "to get my ear close to the aeolian music of its topmost needles", then swayed about in arcs of 20 to 30 degrees. 
Period engravings are added to the text. 40 pages.
Inventory = 5 (a few copies left having scuffed covers) ISBN-10: 0-89646-027-4. ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-027-0. Covers scuffed;Order #: VIST0027 paper$6.95 (no discount)John Muir portrait

portrait of John Muir, conservationist, naturalist, writer, mountaineer





Sierra Big TreesSIERRA BIG TREES. Out of print.
by John Muir.
In 1875 Muir made a tremendous exploration of the southern Sierra Nevada to survey the range of the giant sequoia. That trip may remain the most comprehensive single look at the tree yet, and this book tells his findings. It is an appreciative report of this tree, "very god of the woods". Muir describes the tree's range and its botanical characteristics, muses about the age it can attain, notes the effect of lightning strikes, and shares his several-days observation of a forest fire among them: "huge fire-mantled trunks on the hill slopes glowing like bars of hot iron." Foreword by former Yosemite Chief Park Naturalist. Period engravings. 80 pages.

ISBN-10: 0-89646-069-X. ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-069-0. Paper covers, some scuffing. Limited supply. Order #: VIST0069paper$6.95


Owner's signature in front. Inventory = 1.
Order #: UWAS3343 cloth$90.00. (no discount)

Cabrillo's LogCABRILLO'S LOG 1542-1543, A Voyage of Discovery. Juan Paez.Published by Cabrillo Historical Association.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: CABR5987 paper$19.00 (no discount)





Of Garryowen in Glory: the history of the Seventh United States Cavalry RegimentOF GARRYOWEN IN GLORY: The History of the Seventh United States Cavalry Regiment. by Chandler.
This is the Army unit of the Battle of Little Big Horn fame. The song "Garryowen" was Custer's theme song. Period covered is from 1866 to inactivation in 1957--troop movements, engagements, forts where stationed. Small tear on dust jacket.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: EXPO0442 cloth$200.00. (no discount)





Identifies 148 routes--lengths, steepness, locations. 36"x 59" rolled. We have a few copies left of this classic portrayal, none perfect; inquire and we will describe.
Inventory = a few.
WILD1758 poster$29.95.
(no discount)

The Influence of Modern Man on the Vegetation of Yosemite ValleyTHE INFLUENCE OF MODERN MAN ON THE VEGETATION OF YOSEMITE VALLEY. Gibbens & Heady.
Compares historical and more recent photos to show changes during modern occupation. Publication of University of California Agricultural Experiment Station Extension Service. 48 large-foramt pages, illustrated.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: YOSA3993 paper$25.00 (no discount)





PackbackingPACKBACKING: Basic Guide to Camping and Backpacking. Steck.
Covers equipment, making camp, hiking, fishing, and more.104 pages, illustrated.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: AMWE9501 paper$14.50. (no discount)





Common Mosses of the Pacific CoastCOMMON MOSSES OF THE PACIFIC COAT. Harthill and O'Connor.
Describes and illustrates 68 mosses in the woods and mountains of the Pacific states, British Columbia, and Alaska. Drawings, 119 pages. Covers scuffed. Out of print.
Inventory = 3.
Order #: NAGR3605 paper$19.50 (no discount)





Gentle Wilderness: the Sierra NevadaGENTLE WILDERNESS: The Sierra Nevada. Brower.
Sierra Club publication of color photographs by Richard Kauffman and text by John Muir. 1967 edition. With dust jacket.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-89009-960-X.
Order #: MISC5689 cloth$30.00 (no discount)







Pony Express Voyage of DiscoveryPONY EXPRESS VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY--the story behind the scenery. Godfrey & Webb.
History of overland mail service, routes traveled, scenes along way, stations, riders, the end of the service. 64 large-format pages, color illus, maps.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-88714-147-1.
Order #: KCPU8093 paper$19.95
(no discount)






History of island's settlement and early people, in the area that is now Acadia National Park. 93 pages, photos. Published by Little, Brown.
Invenory = 1.
Order #: ACPU3192 cloth$15.00 (no discount)






A TOUR ON THE PRAIRIES. Washigton Irving.
1835 edition of this classic. Pages spotted, else in good conditon. 285 pages.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: None.
Order # MISC9373 cloth$95.00 (no discount)

The Way of the Earth: encounters with nature in ancient and contemporary thoughtTHE WAY OF THE EARTH: encounters with nature in ancient and contemporary thought. McLuhan.
Examines the significance of the Earth from the perspectives of six diverse cultures and how these different spiritual traditions worldwide have valued, perceied, and understood the Earth. 570 pages, illustrated.
ventory = 1. ISBN: 0-671-75939-6. Order #: SISC8745 cloth$30.00 (no discount)




Reprint of first guide book to be prinjted in Nevada--from 1870. A guide for tourists to the great silver mines, the lakes, the towns, the moutains. Illustrated, map, stage routes. 48 pages.
Inventory = 2
. Order #: LASI9584 paper$9.00. (no discount)

Yosemite Wildflowers and their storiesYOSEMITE WILDFLOWERS AND THEIR STORIES. Hood and Hood.
Histories, Illustrations, Locations. Published by Flying Spur Press. Illustrated with line drawings.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: FLSP5988 paper$15.00.
(no discount)





Yosemite: a landscape of lifeYOSEMITE: A Landscape of Life. Mather & Maharidge.
Surveys the national park through the eyes of its people--resident rangers and managers and park visitors. Published by Yosemite Conservancy 7 Sacramento Bee. Color photos, 120 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1
. ISBN: 0-939666-56-1. Order #: YOSA7658 paper$14.95. (no discount)




Yosemite: a national treasureYOSEMITE: A National Treasure. Sargent.
Presents the many facets of Yosemite National Park--creation of the park, origin of the landscape, early history, arts, Indians, park concessioner, and visiting the park. Color and black-and-white photos, 98 large-format pages, with dust jacket.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 1-880352-12-5.2 Order #: YOPC3459 cloth$20.00 (no discount)




FISKE: The Cloudchaser. George Fiske.
A portfolio of early Yosemite photographs by George Fiske. Published by The Oakland Museum and the Yosemite Natural History Association, 1981. 12 prints.
Inventory = 3.
Order #: YOSA4598 folio$45.00 (no discount)




SKI RACING: advice by the experts. Casewit.
A look at what ski racing was like in the late 1960s by a master technician of that time. Photos, 208 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: ZZXS5174 cloth$19.50 (no discount)

Skiing TerminologySKIING TERMINOLOGY: an encylopedia for instructors. Barnes.
2nd edition, 1992. Definitions of ski turns, gear, and technique that establish a common language for this great winter sport. 176 pages, drawings. Some staining on a few pages.
Inventory = 1
. Order #: MISC3287 paper$29.50 (no discount)




TOPO USA. version 8.0. DeLorme.
DVD with full U.S. coverage of topographical maps at various scales. Used but functional computer software for Windows. Return in 7 days if not satisfied.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: TOPOUSA dvd$25.00 (no discount)

DVD with full U.S. coverage of streets and roads at various scales. Used but functional computer software for Windows. Return in 7 days if not satisfied.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: STREETUSA dvd$25.00 (no discount)

Inventory = 1 pair. Buy both of the above for this one price. Order #: TOPOSTREET dvd$45.00. (no discount)

1907 description of the mulitple-use concept of the national forests--threats, values. 42 pages.
Inventory = 1. ISBN None.
Order #:  MISC9371 cloth$36.00 (no discount)

National Park Service: the story behnd the sceneryNATIONAL PARK SERVICE: the story behind the scenery. Horace Albright and others.
History of the national parks by those who helped establish it. 96 large-format color photos.
Inventory= 1--an uncirculated copy. ISBN: 0-88714-015-7.
Order #: KCPU8068 paper$29.95 (no discount)




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UP LONG'S PEAK IN 1873--with Rocky Mountain Jim. by Lady Isabella A. Bird. Out of print. In 1873 Lady Bird had herself a grand world tour from her native England. She stopped long at Estes Park, adjacent to what is now Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. Was it the marvelous mountain scenery that held her there? Or her guide, Rocky Mountain Jim? On her tour she wrote letters to her sister back home, and these were later collected into the now-classic A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains. Up Long's Peak, of course, comes from the larger volume, abridged so as to center just on Estes Park and Long's Peak, in the area of what is today Rocky Mountain National Park. Visitors to the park region today can learn through this first-hand account of an early appreciation of America's wilderness heritage. Illustrations are by master landscape painters Albert Bierstadt (for whom a lake in the park is named), Thomas Moran, and others from both the original 1879 work and other sources. 24 pages. ISBN-10: 0-89646-023-1. ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-023-2. Out of print. Order #: VIST0023 paper$3.95

AN ILLUSTRATED FLORA OF YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK. by Stephen Botti. Covers every vascular plant species in Yosemite, with 1100 water-color paintings plus pen-and-ink drawings.516 pages, large-format. An uncirculated copy.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-939666-98-7. Order #: YOCO9013 paper$750.00.




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