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What's Cooking in Our National Parks *****OUT OF PRINT*****

 by National Park Service Western Regional Office Cookbook Committee.

This now "almost-classic" title of National Park-iana  is a choice collection of over 500 highly prized recipes from employees of our national parks--not just the rangers, but those in personnel and administration, and management and maintenance and planning and design, plus park spouses. Includes sections on outdoor cooking and recipes for large (hundreds of eaters) crowds. Indexes show what persons and what parks contributed which recipes, and the recipes are grouped by type. Dishes include Cruzan Potatoes from the Virgin Islands, Pete's Potato Salad, Hawaiian Style Spareribs, Abalone Cabrillo, Crazy Cake with NPS Frosting, Navajo Fry Bread, Backpack Jerky, Cowboy Beans, Wilderness Molasses Cake for 250, Mormon Gravy, Clamdigger Sandwiches, Dandelion Wine, and of course Ranger Cookies. Royalty proceeds have gone to the former Employees & Alumni Association of the National Park Service, where the money traditionally was used for scholarship loans to its members' children. A steady seller over the years, there are now 58,000 copies in print. Many park cooperating associations and concessioners carry the book, as do outlets around parks and wherever cookbooks are sold. more...

Over 30 photos from America's parks, full color cover. 256 pages.

ISBN-10: 0-89646-081-9. ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-081-2.  Order #: VIST0081 paper$12.95 OUT OF PRINT

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Dear Daughter Cookbook: favorite recipes of the last 100 years!  by Ella Mae Tucker

Time-tested favorite recipes of five generations from and added to by mother and daughter for 100 years. 113 pages.
ISBN: 1-932427-00-7. Order #: ASCR0439 paper$5.50. more...

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Delicious Candy.
Order #: ASCR  Not Yet Printed

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Cooks On Vacation
High on the Hog: Hillbilly Recipes --- Lickin' Good Eatin.
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Pennyslvania Dutch Cookbook a collection of fine old tried and tested recipes made famous by the early Dutch settlers of Pennsylvania.
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Southwest Mexican Cookbook: authentic recipes from the Southwest and Old Mexico.
ISBN: 1-932427-08-2.
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Western Cookbook: a collection of 250 tempting characteristic Northwestern, Southwestern, and Mexican recipes:
SBN: 1-932427-07-3. Order #: ASCR1342 paper$3.95

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