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The Discovery of Glacier Bay (1879).
by John Muir, its discoverer.

Adventures in a truly Alaskan Wild with ice floes, bergs, mountain peaks, Indians, canoe travel. Spending several "icy summers" in Alaska, Muir earned the name "Ice Chief", exploring Glacier Bay and its region. It was a fitting continuation to his involvement with glaciers, for he had developed the glacial origin theory for Yosemite Valley, in spite of the fact that there the glaciers were almost entirely gone. Here at Glacier Bay, no imagination was needed to understand the processes. Reprinted from Century Magazine. Engravings of ice and peaks abound in the book. 16 pages.  more....

ISBN-10: 0-89646-045-2. ISBN-13: 978-0-89646-045-4. Order #: VIST0045 paper$3.95




Mountaineering on the Pacific in 1868

by Edmund T. Coleman.

Based on an account of the ascent of Mount Baker and a description of that portion of Washington Territory seen on its approach. Mountaineering in 1868 was a different experience than nowadays. This ascent began at the seashore and included canoe trip, portages, and a backpack just to reach the base of the peak--all through country still wild with Indians, bears, and wolves. The final assault on the summit included ropes, ice axes, and crampons. Reprinted from Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Illustrated with period engravings. 24 pages. more....

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