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In addition to the titles of VistaBooks, we also provide the following.

Dear Daughter Cookbook: favorite recipes of the last 100 years!. ISBN: 1-932427-00-7. Order #: ASCR0439 paper$5.50
Easy Recipes for Cooks on Vacation. NO ISBN. Order #: ASCR0440 paper$4.95High On The Hog -- Hillbilly Recipes
Cooking 101: tips, tricks, facts and figures at your fingertips. ISBN: 1-932427-12-7. Order #: ASCR1396 paper$4.95
Cooks on Vacation: Patio & Vacation Cooking. ISBN: 1-932427-03-1. Order #: ASCR5632 paper$4.95Hometown Recipes
Delicious Candy. Order #: ASCR  Not Yet Printed
The Funny Side of Fishing. ISBN: 1-932427-01-5. Order #: ASCR5636 paper$5.95Cooks On Vacation
High on the Hog: Hillbilly Recipes --- Lickin' Good Eatin. ISBN: 1-932427-02-3. Order #: ASCR0438 paper$3.95
Hometown Recipes: recipes from small towns around the country. ISBN: 1-932427-04-X. Order #: ASCR5634 paper$4.95
New England Cookbook: a collection of fine old Yankee recipes. ISBN: 1-932427-09-7. Order #: ASCR1389 paper$3.95
Our Pot Spilleth Over: old and forgotten recipes from times gone by. ISBN: 1-932427-11-0. Order #: ASCR1283 paper$3.95
Pennyslvania Dutch Cookbook a collection of fine old tried and tested recipes made famous by the early Dutch settlers of Pennsylvania. ISBN: 1-932427-06-6. Order #: ASCR1352 paper$3.95
Redneck Country in Food & Photo: pure country recipes with a touch of nostalgia. ISBN: 1-932427-13-4 Order #: ASCR1239 paper$3.95
Southern CookbookSouthwest Mexican Cook Book: a collection of unique, old-time recipes gathered from the heart of the old South. ISBN: 1-932427-10-3. Order #: ASCR1325 paper$4.95
Southwest Mexican Cookbook: authentic recipes from the Southwest and Old Mexico. ISBN: 1-932427-08-2. Order #: ASCR5635 paper$4.95
Western Cookbook: a collection of 250 tempting characteristic Northwestern, Southwestern, and Mexican recipes: ISBN: 1-932427-07-3. Order #: ASCR1342 paper$3.95

Buffalo Bill: the man & the museum. by Stanley W. Zamonski. William Frederick Cody was the most recognizable personality during his day. As a traveling performer, he brought the American West to all corners of the world. Filled with photographs and well-written, this book tells the tales of this hero's life. 48 pages. Out of print except for inventory shown.
Inventory = 11.
ISBN: 1-55838-076-0. Order #AMTR7604 paper$6.95

Railroads of Colorado: a guide to narrow gauge & modern trains.
 ISBN: 1-55838-088-4. Order #: AMTR7257 paper$6.95

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