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 Wilderness Adventures Press

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Angler's Guide to Oregon. ISBN: 978-1-932098-31-0. Order #: (15)WIAP7496 $29.95
Angler's Guide to the West Coast--salmon & tuna. ISBN: 978-1-932098-85-3. Order #: (15)WIAP7495 $24.95

Big Game Hunter's Guide to Colorado. ISBN: 978-1-885106-55-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1613 paper$28.95
Big Game Hunter's Guide to Idaho. ISBN:978-1-932098-33-4. Order #: (15)WIAP3456 paper$28.95
Big Game Hunter's Guide to Montana. ISBN: 978-1-932098-32-7. Order #: (15)WIAP1615 paper$28.95
Big Game Hunter's Guide to Wyoming. ISBN:978-1-932098-41-9. Order #: (15)WIAP1618 paper$28.95
Birding Trails: Lewis & Clark Expedition--2016. ISBN: 978-1-940239-03-3. Order #: (15)WIAP2921$29.95
Birding Trails Montana. ISBN: 978-1-932098-99-0. Order #: (15)WIAP3005 paper$29.95

Birding Trails Texas: Prairies & Pinewoods. 216 birding trails for the avid birder. ISBN: 978-1-932098-90-7. Order #: (15)WIAP7825 paper$28.95
Birding Trails Texas: Gulf Coast.  ISBN: 978-1-932098-91-4. Order #: (15)WIAP3015 paper$29.95
Birding Trails Wisconsin--2016. ISBN: 978-1-932098-00-2. Order #: (15)WIAP3022 paper$28.95

Brag Dog and Other Stories. ISBN: 978-1-885106-84-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1619 cloth$50.00

California's Best Fishing Waters: 182 detailed maps of 31 of the best rivers and streams. ISBN: 978-1-932098-49-5. Order #: (15)WIAP9632 paper$29.95
Colorado Fishing GPS Map Card. 916005-WAP.
Order #: (15)WIAP319029.95
Colorado's Best Fishing Waters. ISBN: 978-1-932098-57-0. Order #: (15)WIAP1622 $29.95

Field Guide to Dog First Aid: emergency care for the outdoor dog. ISBN: 978-1-885106-04-9. Order #: (15)WIAP6575 paper$15.00
Field Guide to Fishing Knots: essential knots for freshwater and saltwater angling. ISBN: 1-930298-03-8. Order #: (15)WIAP6576 paper$14.95
Field Guide to Retriever Drills: training your retriever at home, in the field, and on the water. ISBN: 978-1-932098-55-6. Order #: (15)WIAP6577 paper$15.00
Field Guide to Upland Birds and Waterfowl. ISBN: 978-1-885106-20-9. Order #: (15)WIAP6579 paper$19.95

Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska. ISBN: 978-1-932098-02-0. Order #: (15)WIAP1623 paper$32.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Arizona. ISBN: 978-1-932098-92-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1624 paper$29.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Chesapeake Bay. ISBN: 978-1-885106-94-0. Order #: (15)WIAP1625 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado. ISBN: 978-1-932098-64-8. Order #: (15)WIAP6581 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Connecticut. ISBN: 978-1-932098-89-1. Order #: (15)WIAP7525 $29.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Eastern Trophy Tailwaters. ISBN: 978-1-940239-05-7. Order #: (15)WIAP3526 $29.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Saltwater Florida, including light tackle. ISBN: 978-1-940239-20-4. Order #: (15)WIAP3527 $29.95

Flyfisher's Guide to Freshwater Florida. ISBN: 978-1-885106-97-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1628 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Idaho. ISBN: 978-1-932098-81-5. Order #: (15)WIAP1631 paper$29.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Mexico. ISBN: 978-1-940239-97-6. Order #: (15)WIAP3529 $29.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Michigan. ISBN: 978-1-932098-46-4. Order #: (15)WIAP1632 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Minnesota. ISBN: 978-1-932098-93-8. Order #: (15)WIAP1633 paper$29.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Missouri/Arkansas. ISBN: 978-1-932098-29-7. Order #: (15)WIAP1634 paper$29.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Montana. ISBN: 978-1-932098-22-8. Order #: (15)WIAP1636 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to New Mexico. ISBN: 978-1-932098-82-2. Order #: (15)WIAP1637 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to New York. ISBN: 978-1-932098-79-2. Order #: (15)WIAP1638 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Northern California. ISBN: 978-1-932098-15-0. Order #: (15)WIAP1639 paper$26.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Northern New England. ISBN: 978-1-932098-48-8. Order #: (15)WIAP3536 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Oregon. ISBN: 978-1-932098-61-7. Order #: (15)WIAP1642 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Pennsylvania. ISBN: 978-1-932098-51-8. Order #: (15)WIAP1643 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Saltwater Florida, including Light Tackle. ISBN: 978-1-932098-20-4. Order #: (15)WIAP1627 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Southern California. ISBN: 978-1-932098-40-2. Order #: (15)WIAP7749 $28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Tennessee. ISBN: 978-1-932098-96-9-2. Order #: (15)WIAP3530 $29.95

Flyfisher's Guide to Texas. ISBN: 978-1-932098-65-5. Order #: (15)WIAP1644 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to the Big Apple. ISBN: 978-1-932098-83-9. Order #: (15)WIAP7527 $28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to the Florida Keys & Everglades. ISBN: 978-1-885106-74-2. Order #: (15)WIAP1629 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to the New England Coast. ISBN: 978-1-932098-75-4. Order #: (15)WIAP7528 $28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to the Northeast Coast. ISBN: 978-1-932098-67-9. Order #: (15)WIAP7530 $28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to the Northern Rockies. ISBN: 978-1-932098-01-3. Order #: (15)WIAP7745 $26.95
Flyfisher's Guide to the Northwest. ISBN: 978-1-932098-50-1. Order #: (15)WIAP7746 $28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to the Southeast. ISBN: 978-1-885106-39-1. Order #: (15)WIAP7748 $26.95
Flyfisher's Guide to the Texas Gulf Coast. ISBN: 978-1-932098-66-2. Order #: (15)WIAP7532 $28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to the Virginias: West Virginia & Virginia. ISBN: 978-1-932098-39-6. Order #: (15)WIAP1646 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Utah. ISBN: 978-1-932098-47-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1645 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Washington. ISBN: 978-1-885106-58-2. Order #: (15)WIAP1647 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Western Washington Lakes. ISBN: 978-1-932098-76-1. Order #: (15)WIAP7533 $24.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Wisconsin & Iowa. ISBN: 978-1-932098-36-5. Order #: (15)WIAP1648 paper$28.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Wyoming. ISBN: 978-1-932098-10-5. Order #: (15)WIAP1649 paper$29.95
Flyfisher's Guide to Yellowstone National Park. ISBN: 978-1-932098-14-3. Order #: (15)WIAP1650 paper$26.95

Flyfishing Adventures Montana. ISBN: 978-1-932098-80-8. Order #: (15)WIAP7534 $24.95
Flyfishing Northern New England's Seasons. ISBN: 978-1-940239-02-6. Order # WIAD3327 $24.95

Go-to Flies: 101 patterns the pros use when all else fails. ISBN: 978-1-932098-19-8. Order #: (15)WIAP6582 paper$28.95
Great Places--Colorado: a recreational guide to Colorado's public lands and historic places for birding, hiking, photography, fishing, hunting, and camping. ISBN: 978-1-932098-68-6. Order #: (15)WIAP7826 paper$29.95
Great Places--Montana: a recreational guide to Montana's public lands and historical places for birding, hiking, photography, fishing, hunting and camping. ISBN: 978-1-932098-59-4. Order #: (15)WIAP6583 paper$29.95
Great Places Washington. ISBN: 978-1-932098-69-3. Order #: (15)WIAP7541 $29.95

Idaho's Best Fishing Waters. ISBN: 978-1-932098-58-7. Order #: (15)WIAP1651 $29.95


Meditations on Hunting. ISBN: 978-1-932098-53-2. Order #: (15)WIAP1653 cloth$39.00
Montana's Best Fishing Waters. ISBN: 978-1-932098-24-2. Order #: (15)WIAP1654 $29.95
Montana Fishing GPS Map Card. 936003-WAP. Order #: (15)WIAP3288 $29.95

On the Fly Guide to the Northwest: Oregon & Washington. ISBN: 978-1-932098-50-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1655 $28.95
On the Fly Guide to the Northern Rockies. ISBN: 978-1-932098-01-3. Order #: (15)WIAP1656 $26.95
Oregon Fishing GPS Map Card. 947009-WAP. Order #: (15)WIAP3302 $29.95
Oregon's Best Fishing Waters. ISBN: 978-1-932098-38-9. Order #: (15)WIAP1657 $28.95

Pheasants of the Mind. ISBN: 978-1-885106-07-0. Order #: (15)WIAP1658 cloth$25.00

Saltwater Angler's Guide to the Southeast. ISBN: 978-1-885106-39-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1659 $28.95
Saltwater Angler's Guide to Southern California. ISBN: 1-885106-72-6. Order #: (15)WIAP2386 $26.95
Savor Arizona Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-27-3. Order #: (15)WIAP1660 $24.95
Savor California Wine Country Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-62-4. Order #: (15)WIAP1661 $24.95
Savor Colorado Mountains and Western Slope Cookbook: Colorado's finest restaurants; their recipes & their histories. ISBN: 1-932098-07-0. Order #: (15)WIAP6584 paper$24.95
Savor Denver & the Front Range Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-09-9. Order #: (15)WIAP1663 $24.95
Savor Idaho Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-21-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1664 $24.95
Savor Michigan Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-45-7. Order #: (15)WIAP1665 $24.95
Savor Montana II Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-25-9. Order #: (15)WIAP1666 $24.95
Savor Oregon Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-06-8. Order #: (15)WIAP1667 $24.95
Savor Portland Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-18-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1669 $24.95
Savor Greater Seattle Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-08-2. Order #: (15)WIAP1670 $24.95
Savor Washington Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-05-1. Order #: (15)WIAP1671 $24.95
Savor Wild Game Cookbook. ISBN: 978-1-932098-17-4. Order #: (15)WIAP1674 $24.95
Sports Medicine for Hunting Dogs. ISBN: 978-1-932098-78-5.Order #: (15)WIAP7660 $19.95

Training the Versatile Hunting Dog. ISBN: 978-1-932098-73-0. Order #: (15)WIAP1676 24.95
The Trickiest Thing in Feathers. ISBN: 978-1-885106-21-6. Order #: (15)WIAP1677 cloth$29.95
Trout Adventures--North America. ISBN: 978-1-932098-80-8. Order #: (15)WIAP3310$24.95
Trout Tales and Other Angling Stories. ISBN: 978-1-885106-16-2. Order #: (15)WIAP1678 cloth$29.00

Washington Fishing GPS Map Card. 957008-WAP. Order #: (15)WIAP330729.95
Washington's Best Fishing Waters. ISBN: 978-1-932098-52-5. Order #: (15)WIAP1680 $29.95
Wildfowling Tales. ISBN: 978-1-855106-79-7. Order #: (15)WIAP7690 cloth$50.00

Wingshooter's Guide to Arizona. ISBN: 978-1-932098-60-0. Order #: (15)WIAP1681 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to Idaho. ISBN: 978-1-932098-56-3. Order #: (15)WIAP1682 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to Iowa. ISBN: 978-1-885106-45-2. Order #: (15)WIAP1683 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to Kansas. ISBN: 978-1-932098-44-0. Order #: (15)WIAP1684 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to Michigan. ISBN: 978-1-885106-57-5 Order #: (15)WIAP1685 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to Minnesota. ISBN: 978-1-885106-62-9. Order #: (15)WIAP1687 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to Montana. ISBN: 978-1-932098-42-6. Order #: (15)WIAP1697 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to North Dakota. ISBN:  978-1-932098-70-9. Order #: (15)WIAP1698 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to Oregon. ISBN: 978-1-932098-71-6. Order #: (15)WIAP1699 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to South Dakota. ISBN: 978-1-932098-43-3. Order #: (15)WIAP6214 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to Washington. ISBN: 978-1-885106-75-9. Order #: (15)WIAP1701 paper$26.95
Wingshooter's Guide to Wisconsin. ISBN: 978-1-885106-86-5. Order #: (15)WIAP1702 paper$26.95

Yellowstone and Gardner Rivers (WY): in Yellowstone National Park. WAP8600058. Order #: (15)WIAP7683 map$9.95


An essential tool for a successful fly-fishing trip is a detailed map of the water. One that will give you the access points, boat launches, campgrounds, public areas, roads, and GPS coordinates to pinpoint your location.

Wilderness Adventures Press has designed detailed river maps to fit your need. Maps fold into 5-7/8 by 11 inches, fold out to 11x17 inches. They will fit in your tackle bag or the side pocket of your car. $9.95 each.


 Each map features:

  • Description of the water

  • GPS coordinates for all access points

  • Access points & boat ramps

  • River miles

  • Rapids

  • Campgrounds

  • Public land, both state and federal

  • Roads

  • USGS land data

  • Hatch chart

  • Recommended flies

Alberta, Canada--Bow River Map (Alberta, Canada): from Calgary to Carseland. WAP8610019. Order #: (15)WIAP7513 map$9.95

Arkansas--White River (AR). WAP8140011. Order #: (15)WIAP7667 map$9.95

California--Carson River (and forks) (CA). 8150096-WAP. Order #: (15)WIAP3342 map$9.95
California--East Walker River (CA): from Bridgeport to state line. WAP8150089. Order #: (15)WIAP7523 map$9.95
California--Hat Creek (CA). WAP8150058. Order #: (15)WIAP7546 map$9.95
California--Kern River (CA). WAP8150041. Order #: (15)WIAP7550 map$9.95
California--Klamath River (CA). WAP8150034. Order #: (15)WIAP7551 map$9.95
California--Owens River including Hot Creek (CA). WAP8150027. Order #: (15)WIAP7585 map$9.95
California--Pit River (CA): McArthur to Shasta Lake. WAP8150072. Order #: (15)WIAP7610 map$9.95
California--Truckee River Map (CA): headwaters to Pyramid Reservoir. WAP8150010. Order #: (15)WIAP7669 map$9.95
California--Upper Sacramento River Map (CA): Siskiyou Lake to Lake Shasta. WAP8150065. Order #: (15)WIAP7665 map$9.95

Colorado--Animas River (CO): headwaters to New Mexico border. WAP8160040. Order #: (15)WIAP7497 map$9.95
Arkansas River (Pueblo tailwater) (CO). WAP8160040. Order #: (15)WIAP3365map$9.95
Big Thompson: Lake Estes to Drake. WAP8160019. Order #: (15)WIAP1708 map$9.95
Colorado--Cache la Poudre River (CO): from headwaters to Fort Collins. WAP816008. Order #: (15)WIAP7515 map$9.95
Clear Creek: Golden to Georgetown. WAP8160231. Order #: (15)WIAP3385 map$9.95
Colorado--Conejos River (CO): from headwaters to Rio Grande. WAP8160064. Order #: (15)WIAP7520 map$9.95
Colorado--Frying pan River (CO): headwaters to Roaring Fork. WAP8160156. Order #: (15)WIAP7535 map$9.95
Colorado--Grand Mesa North (CO): northern half of Grand Mesa. WAP0-9206-16017-0. Order #: (15)WIAP7544 map$9.95
Colorado--Grand Mesa South (CO): southern half of Grand Mesa. WAP8-09206-16018-7. Order #: (15)WIAP7539 map$9.95
Colorado--Gunnison River (CO): from Blue Mesa Reservoir to Colorado River. WAP8-09206-16013-2. Order#: (15)WIAD7545 map$9.95
Colorado--Miracle Mile (CO): section of North Platte River. WAP8600072. Order # WIAD7563 map$9.95
Colorado--Piedra River (CO): headwaters to Navajo Reservoir. WAP8160071. Order #: (15)WIAP7592 map$9.95
Colorado--Rio Grande River (CO): Creede to South Fork. WAP8160101. Order #: (15)WIAP7635 map$9.95
Colorado--Roaring Fork River (CO): headwaters to Colorado River. WAP8160149. Order #: (15)WIAP7637 map$9.95
South Platte River--Spinney Mountain Ranch (CO). WAP8160095. Order #: (15)WIAP7657 map$9.95
South Platte River--Spinney Mountain Reservoir to Chester Lake (CO). WAP8160200. Order #: (15)WIAP3400 map$9.95
Colorado--Spinney Mountain Ranch--South Platte River Map (CO): "Dream Stream" from Spinney Reservoir to Elevenmile Reservoir. WAP8160095. Order #: (15)WIAP7657 map$9.95
Colorado--Taylor River (CO): headwaters to Gunnison River. WAP8160163. Order #: (15)WIAP7662 map$9.95

Colorado--Yampa River, Colorado . UPC: 8-09206-16002-6. Order #: (15)WIAP6216 map$9.95

Georgia--Chatachoochee River (GA). WAP8200012. Order #: (15)WIAP7517 map$9.95

Idaho--Kelly Creek (ID). WAP8220102. Order #: (15)WIAP3403 map$9.95
Idaho--Salmon River.  (ID). WAP8420021. Order #: (15)WIAP7641 map$9.95
Idaho--Silver Creek (ID): headwaters to Little Wood River. WAP8220010. Order #: (15)WIAP1715 map$9.95
Idaho--Henry's Fork (ID). WAP8220096. Order #: (15)WIAP7547 map$9.95
Idaho--South Fork Boise River (ID): Featherville area to Arrowrock Reservoir and Lucky Peak Lake. WAP8220027. Order #: (15)WIAP7651 map$9.95
Idaho--South Fork Snake River (ID): Palisades Reservoir to Idaho Falls. WAP8220072. Order #: (15)WIAP7652 map$9.95

Maine--Presumpscot River (ME). WAP8290013. Order #: (15)WIAP3443 map$9.95
Maine--Rapid River (ME). WAP8290020. Order #: (15)WIAP3452 map$9.95
Maine--Grand Lake Stream (ME). WAP8290037. Order #: (15)WIAP3467 map$9.95
Maine--Rangeley Lakes (ME). WAP8290044. Order #: (15)WIAP3469 map$9.95
Maine--Moosehead Lake, East Outlet (ME). WAP8290051. Order #: (15)WIAP3472 map$9.95

Massachusetts--Nissistissit/Squannacook Rivers (MA). WAP8310018-WAP. Order #: (15)WIAP3540 map$9.95

Michigan--Au Sable River (MI): headwaters to Lake Huron. WAP8320062. Order #: (15)WIAP7499 map$9.95
Michigan--Huron River (MI): northwest of Dexter to Lake Erie. WAP8320017. Order #: (15)WIAP2316 map$9.95
Michigan--Huron River (MI). WAP8320017. Order #: (15)WIAP7549 map$9.95
Michigan--Big Manistee River (MI): headwaters to Lake Michigan. WAP8320048. Order #: (15)WIAP7508 map$9.95
Michigan--Little Manistee River (MI): headwaters to Lake Michigan. WAP8320055. Order #: (15)WIAP7554 map$9.95
Michigan--Muskegon River (MI): Hardy Dam to Lake Michigan. WAP8320031. Order #: (15)WIAP map$9.95
Michigan--Rogue River (MI). WAP8320024. Order #: (15)WIAP7639 map$9.95

Montana--Bear Trap Canyon of Madison River (MT). WAP8360105. Order #: (15)WIAP7500 map$9.95
Montana--Beaverhead River (MT).  836002-0. Order #: (15)WIAP2324 map$9.95
Montana--Big Hole River (MT). WAP8360037. Order #: (15)WIAP2331 map$9.95
Montana--Big Horn River (MT): Wedding of the Waters to Kirby. WAP8600126. Order #: (15)WIAP7504 map$9.95
Montana--Bighorn River (MT): Yellowtail Dam to Hardin, MT. WAP860075. Order #: (15)WIAP2339 map$9.95
Montana--Bitterroot River (MT): headwaters to Clark Fork. WAP8360136. Order #: (15)WIAP7511 map$9.95
Montana--Blackfoot River (MT): headwaters to Clark Fork River. WAP8360129. Order #: (15)WIAP7512 map$9.95
Montana--Boulder River (MT): headwaters to mouth, including east and west Boulders. WAP8360198. Order: WIAD7514 map$9.95
Montana--Clark Fork River  (MT): from Warm Springs to Paradise. WAP8360143. Order #: (15)WIAP7519 map$9.95
Montana--Flathead River System (MT): North Fork, Middle Fork, confluence area, Hungry Horse Reservoir, Jewel Basin.  WAP8360112. Order#: (15)WIAD7524 map$9.95
Montana--Gallatin River: Yellowstone National Park to Missouri headwaters (MT). WAP8360044. Order #: (15)WIAP2333 map$9.95
Montana--Georgetown Lake  (MT). WAP8360204. Order #: (15)WIAP7538 map$9.95
Montana--Madison River: Hebgen Lake to Missouri headwaters (MT). WAP8360013. Order #: (15)WIAP2323 map$9.95
Montana--Middle Fork of the Flathead River (MT): Bear Creek access to mouth. WAP8360167. Order #: (15)WIAP7560 map$9.95
Montana--Middle Fork Salmon River (MT): headwaters to mainstem. WAP822089. Order #: (15)WIAP7561 map$9.95
Montana--Missouri River: Holter Dam to Cascade (MT). WAP8360082. Order #: (15)WIAP2340 map$9.95
Montana--North Fork Flathead River (MT): Canada border to Blankenship Bridge. WAP8360174. Order #: (15)WIAP7567 map$9.95
Montana--Rock Creek: headwaters to Clark Fork River (MT). WAP8360099. Order #: (15)WIAP2349 map$9.95
Montana--Ruby River (MT): headwaters to Beaverhead River. WAP8360150. Order #: (15)WIAP7640 map$9.95
Montana--South Fork Flathead River: headwaters to Hungry Horse Reservoir (MT). WAP8360068. Order #: (15)WIAP2338 map$9.95
Montana--Stillwater River (MT): headwaters to Yellowstone River. WAP8360181. Order #: (15)WIAP7661 map$9.95
Montana--Upper Missouri River Map (MT). WAP8360082. Order #: (15)WIAP7692 map$9.95
Montana--Yellowstone River: from Yellowstone National Park to Sheep Mountain Access east of Livingston MT). WAP8360051. Order #: (15)WIAP2335 map$9.95

New Hampshire--Upper Connecticut River: Canada to West Stewartstown. (NH). 8390010-WAP. Order #: (15)WIAP3481 map$9.95
New Hampshire--Upper Connecticut River: West Stewartstown to North Stratford. (NH). 8390027-WAP. Order #: (15)WIAP3480 map$9.95

New Mexico--Cimarron River (NM): from Eagle Nest Dam to Cimarron. WAP8410060. Order #: (15)WIAP7518 map$9.95
New Mexico--Red River (NM): headwaters to Rio Grande. WAP8410022. Order #: (15)WIAP7624 map$9.95
New Mexico--Rio Costilla (NM): headwaters to Colorado border. WAP8410053. Order #: (15)WIAP7627 map$9.95
New Mexico--Rio de los Piņos (NM): headwaters to San Antonio. WAP8410046. Order #: (15)WIAP7633 map$9.95
New Mexico--Rio Grande Gorge  (NM): Lobatos Bridge to Velarde. WAP8410039. Order #:WIAD7634 map$9.95
New Mexico--San Juan River Map (NM).WAP8410015. Order #: (15)WIAP7693 map$9.95

New York--Delaware River--East and West Branches Map (NY). WAP8420052. Order #: (15)WIAP7693 map$9.95
New York--Beaver Kill/Willowemoc Creek (NY): headwaters to East Branch Delaware River. WAP8420045. Order #: (15)WIAP7501 map$9.95
New York--East and West Branches Delaware River (NY): from reservoirs to confluence. WAP8420052. Order #: (15)WIAP7522 map$9.95

Ohio--Little Miami Fold-out Map (OH): Ceasar Creek access to Ohio River. WAP8450011. Order #: (15)WIAP7555 map$9.95

Oregon--Central Oregon Fisheries (OR). WAP8470101. Order #: (15)WIAP7516 map$9.95
Oregon--Lower Deschutes River (OR). WAP8470088. Order #: (15)WIAP7696 map$9.95
Oregon--Deschutes River (OR): from Wickiup Reservoir to Columbia River. WAP8470026. Order #: (15)WIAP7521 map$9.95
Oregon--Grande Ronde (OR): headwaters to Snake River. WAP8470071. Order #: (15)WIAP7540 map$9.95
Oregon--Metolius River (OR): headwaters to Candle Creek Campground. WAP8470095. Order #: (15)WIAP7559 map$9.95
Oregon--North Umpqua River (OR): headwaters to mouth. WAP8470040. Order #: (15)WIAP7571 map$9.95
Oregon--Owyhee River (OR). WAP8470019. Order #: (15)WIAP7586 map$9.95

Tennessee--South Holston River (TN). WAP8520011. Order #: (15)WIAP7652 map$9.95
Tennessee--Watuga River (TN) . WAP8520028. Order #: (15)WIAP7674 map$9.95

Utah--Green River (UT). WAP8540019. Order #: (15)WIAP7542 map$9.95
Utah--Lee's Ferry (UT). WAP8130012. Order #: (15)WIAP7553 map$9.95
Utah--Provo River (UT): middle and lower Provo from Jordanelle Reservoir to Utah Lake. WAP8540033. Order #: (15)WIAP7619 map$9.95
Utah--Sevier River including East  Fork Sevier River (UT). WAP8540026. Order #: (15)WIAP7643 map$9.95

Washington--Hoh & Bogachiel Rivers (WA): from mouths to headwaters. WAP8570047. Order#: (15)WIAD7548 map$9.95
Washington--Sauk River (WA). 8570092-WAP. Order#: (15)WIAD3487 map$9.95
Washington--Skagit River (WA). WAP8570085. Order#: (15)WIAD3498 map$9.95
Washington--Skykomish River (WA): Skykomish to Snoqualmie River. WAP8570061. Order #: (15)WIAP7646 map$9.95
Washington--Snoqualmie River (WA): headwaters to Duval. WAP8570016. Order #: (15)WIAP2381 map$9.9
Washington--Spokane River (WA). WAP8570108. Order #: (15)WIAP7659 map$9.95
Washington--Yakima River (WA). WAP8570023. Order #: (15)WIAP7680 map$9.95

Wisconsin--Bois Brule River (WI). 8590045-WAP. Order #: (15)WIAP3506 map$9.95
Wisconsin--Menominee River (WI): Little Quinnesec Falls to Lake Michigan. WAP8590038. Order #: (15)WIAP7558 map$9.95
Wisconsin--Milwaukee River (WI): West Bend to Lake Michigan. WAP8590014. Order #: (15)WIAP7562 map$9.95
Wisconsin--Wisconsin River (WI). WAP8590021. Order #: (15)WIAP7699 map$9.95

Wyoming--Firehole/Gibbon/Madison Rivers (WY). WAP860041. Order #: (15)WIAP7708 map$9.95
Wyoming--Grey Reef (WY): section of North Platte River. WAP8600065. Order #: (15)WIAP7543 map$9.95
Wyoming--Lamar River, Slough Creek, Soda Butte Creek  (WY). WAP8600034. Order #: (15)WIAP7552 map$9.95
Wyoming--Madison, Firehole and Gibbon Rivers  (WY): inside Yellowstone National Park. WAP8600041. Order #: (15)WIAP7557 map$9.95
Wyoming--North Fork Shoshone River: headwaters to Cody WY). WAP8600010. Order #: (15)WIAP2385 map$9.95
Wyoming--North Platte River--North Gate Canyon (WY). WAP8600133. Order #: (15)WIAP7735 map$9.95
Wyoming--North Platte River--Government Bridge to Casper (WY). WAP8600089. Order #: (15)WIAP7569 map$9.95
Wyoming--Snake River: Jackson Lake to Palisades Reservoir (WY). WAP8600027. Order #: (15)WIAP2384 map$9.95
Wyoming--Upper Green River (WY): headwaters to Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge. WAP8600096. Order #: (15)WIAP7670 map$9.95
Wyoming--Upper North Platte River (WY): North Gate Canyon to Bennett Peak. WAP8600133. Order #: (15)WIAP7672 map$9.95
Wyoming--Upper Wind River (WY): Dubois to Riverton. WAP8600102. Order #: (15)WIAP7673 map$9.95
Wyoming--Wind River Canyon (WY): Riverton to Wedding of the Waters. WAP8600119. Order #: (15)WIAP7676 map$9.95


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